Handbook of Strategic Account Management: A Comprehensive Resource

  • 13h 5m
  • Diana Woodburn, Kevin Wilson
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2014

A compilation of the established knowledge in strategic account management

While companies and academics expend tremendous effort on mass marketing, they often overlook their immediate customers (which are critical in both senses) and hence the importance of strategic account management (SAM). This handbook is a compilation of papers that present researched knowledge of SAM across the academic community which fills a void in the existing academic literature. Handbook of Strategic Account Management identifies drivers of the SAM approach, key issues and success factors, operational needs and areas still awaiting exploration. Each paper includes an overall referenced summary of the tenets of SAM relevant to the area it reports, and together with the combined list of references, it creates an indispensable resource for academic readers, students, and researchers.

Handbook of Strategic Account Management is written by over 40 knowledgeable experts with substantial experience of SAM from teaching, researching, writing and advising companies on why and how it works, spread widely across Europe and the US. It represents the balanced, researched body of knowledge in SAM and will be an invaluable resource to anyone exploring the approach, whether for a student thesis, for original research or for answers on how to approach SAM as a company initiative.

About the Editors

Diana Woodburn researches, writes, teaches and consults in Key/Strategic Account Management. She started exploring the subject in 1997, and in 1998 she set up Cranfield’s KAM Best Practice Club with Professor Malcolm McDonald, with whom she wrote Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide (3rd edition 2011). She has taught thousands of key account managers and directors about KSAM and developed much of the teaching material used in the subject. Her prior career in marketing covered a wide range of sectors and continents.

Kevin Wilson is a Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux where he holds the Chair of Selling and Client Relationships. He is a researcher, writer and presenter of over twenty years standing in the field of strategic account management, a past board member of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and a founder of the Sales Research Trust. He has published over 70 academic and practitioner articles and two books on the subject, Harnessing Global Potential for SAMA (2000) and Successful Global Account Management Wiley, (2002).

In this Book

  • Key Strategic Account Management—Where are We Now?
  • Making the Case for Managing Strategic Accounts
  • Drivers for Key Account Management Programmes
  • KSAM as an Organizational Change—Making the Transition
  • Switching Costs in Key Account Relationships
  • The Strategic Buyer—How Emerging Procurement Strategies May Support KAM/SAM Relationships
  • Social and Ethical Concerns in Strategic Account Management—Emerging Opportunities and New Threats
  • Value in Strategic Account Management
  • Value Dimensions and Relationship Postures in Dyadic ‘Key Relationship Programmes’
  • ‘Vertical Coopetition’—The Key Account Perspective
  • Key Account Management in Business Markets—An Empirical Test of Common Assumptions
  • Strategic Account Plans—Their Crucial Role in Strategic Account Management
  • Using Customer Profitability and Customer Lifetime Value to Manage Strategic Accounts
  • A Configurational Approach to Strategic Account Management Effectiveness
  • The Appropriateness of the Key Account Management Organization
  • Organizational Structures in Global Account Management
  • Designing Strategic Account Management Programmes
  • Global Customer Team Design—Dimensions, Determinants and Performance Outcomes
  • Key Accountization at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Italy—Managing and Implementing a Strategic Change
  • Recent Developments in Relationship Portfolios—A Review of Current Knowledge
  • Account Portfolio Management—Optimizing the Customer Portfolio of the Firm
  • Strategic Account Management Processes at Corporate, Relationship and Annual Level
  • Developing Strategic Key Account Relationships in Business-to-Business Markets
  • The Role of the Key/Strategic Account Manager
  • The Influence of Personality on the Job Performance of Strategic Account Managers
  • References