Handbook on C Language

  • 2h 12m
  • Sangita Sardana
  • Laxmi Publications
  • 2013

A Handbook on C Language is a unique book to serve the student community, teachers and professionals in the field of C Programming. The book is written in user friendly language, and is enriched with the following features:

  • The topics in each chapter are covered from beginning level to advanced level of C language.
  • Advanced topics like files, linked lists, stacks, queues, etc. have been illustrated in an easy to understand manner.
  • Each and every topic has been explained with examples and illustrations.
  • A sufficient number of programming examples have been provided in the book after the topics and as a separate portion in the form of More Worked Out Examples.
  • Programs have been tested and successfully run. Actual screen shots have also been given.
  • Programming examples and graded programs have been given to make it more user friendly.

About the Author

Sangita Sardana is an MCA. Presently, she is working as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at DAV School, Chandigarh. She is an eminent author and has written several books on Computer Science and Information Technology for different boards and universities. She has a good grip over computer languages and database software. All her books are well accepted by the students.

In this Book

  • Introduction to C
  • Input and Output Functions in C
  • Data Types in C
  • Operators and Expressions in C
  • I/O Functions
  • Flow of Control, Decision Making and Loops
  • Functions in C
  • Arrays in C
  • Pointers
  • Structures
  • File Processing in C
  • Data Structures: Linked Lists
  • Data Structures: Stacks
  • Data Structures: Queue