Hands-On System Design: Learn System Design, Scaling Applications, Software Development Design Patterns with Real Use-Cases

  • 2h 40m
  • Harsh Kumar Ramchandani
  • BPB Publications
  • 2022

The ultimate guide to ace your system designing interviews.


  • Provides step-by-step solutions to real-world problems related to system design and development.
  • Includes detailed explanations of each OOPs idea and design pattern, along with code snippets in the C++ style.
  • Contains illustrations and demonstrations that describe the technologies enabling modern scalable systems.


Scaling software application is the focus of this book, which takes the reader on an in-depth journey. You'll have a better understanding of how to create a scalable, enterprise-level application after reading this guide.

The book discusses system design principles, computer networks, major networking protocols, strategies for scaling data access, and various architectural styles for creating the system. A thorough examination of various technologies such as Cache Memory, CDN, Load Balancers, and Messaging Queues are conducted and their implementation. The book also demonstrates how you can use these combinations of technologies in the best way to build a scalable enterprise-level system. The examination of several architectural styles for system design assists you in choosing the best path for architecting your system. Additionally, the book explores object-oriented programming concepts and design patterns that facilitate the creation of clean, maintainable code. The reader will develop an intuitive knowledge of numerous tools and approaches for creating a scalable system by using several actual system design examples.

This book can tackle any system design problem you may meet in your current position or interviews. You'll learn how to design a system from scratch, and the examples in the book will help you to improve your skills.


  • Acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of computer networks and major networking protocols.
  • Gain an understanding of various technologies to develop a distributed scalable application.
  • Develop the capacity to approach any system design problem with a unique perspective.
  • Gain insight into programming design patterns and object-oriented principles.
  • Investigate several methods for expanding data access.
  • Discover many architectural styles for system design.


The book is intended for software developers, system design engineers, aspiring system architects, IT professionals and students who want to learn how to construct a scalable application or prepare for system design interviews. Basic knowledge of programming and computer architecture is recommended but not demanded to grasp the book.

About the Author

Harsh Kumar Ramchandani completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from NSIT, Delhi (Delhi University) in 2015. Harsh has 6+ years of experience in Software Development. He has worked on various areas like designing scalable distributed applications, Compiler Development, Android Application Development and Performance Optimization.

Harsh is a bibliophile, loves writing poems and playing badminton in his leisure time.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Fundamentals of System Design Principles
  • Networking Basics
  • Scaling Databases
  • System Architecture
  • Introduction to OOPs
  • Design Patterns
  • Object-Oriented Design Methodology
  • Approaching System Design Problems
  • Design a Key-Value Data Store
  • Design a File Hosting Service
  • Design a Business Communication Tool
  • Design a Card Authentication System
  • Design an Image Hosting Application