Hibernate Recipes, Second Edition

  • 3h 16m
  • Gary Mak, Joseph Ottinger, Srinivas Guruzu
  • Apress
  • 2015

Hibernate Recipes, Second Edition contains a collection of code recipes and templates for learning and building Hibernate solutions for you and your clients, including how to work with the Spring Framework and the JPA. This book is your pragmatic day-to-day reference and guide for doing all things involving Hibernate. There are many books focused on learning Hibernate, but this book takes you further and shows how you can apply it practically in your daily work. Hibernate Recipes, Second Edition is a must have book for your library. Hibernate 4.x continues to be the most popular out-of-the-box, open source framework solution for Java persistence and data/database accessibility techniques and patterns and it works well with the most popular open source enterprise Java framework of all, the Spring Framework. Hibernate is used for e-commerce-based web applications as well as heavy-duty transactional systems for the enterprise. What you'll learn How to use object-relational mapping in Hibernate How to do one-to-one mapping, many-to-one mapping, collection mapping, component mapping, and inheritance mapping How to use Hibernate Query Language (HQL) How to perform batch processing and use native SQL, criteria queries, caching objects, and more How to enable Hibernate in web applications with e-commerce How to use Hibernate for heavy-duty enterprise transaction-based systems How to integrate Hibernate persistence with Spring Framework solutions Who this book is for This book is for experienced Java developers looking to use Hibernate, but is also appropriate for Java developers new to Hibernate.

About the Authors

Joseph B. Ottinger is a writer, an arranger, and a young boy bearing quotes from Rush albums from the early 1980s. He's also a musician and developer, with interests in machine learning, general systems architecture, and transfer of knowledge—including editing stints at Java Developer Journal and TheServerSide.com, neither of which he's willing to mis-spell.

His interests tend to wander far and wide, but his attention is held by his wife and three sons, unless his feline overlords demand otherwise. He works very hard to prevent his cats from publishing, mostly because what they would write would center around food and, more often, being held in a lap beside a fire. It's dull reading.

Srinivas Guruzu is a developer who has been coding for more than 13 years. After completing his MS in mechanical engineering, Srinivas worked on high-traffic payment systems in the banking domain. He also has experience working in the insurance domain. He's worked with Spring and Hibernate building applications that integrate with other products as part of a large customer-enrollment and file-transmission system.

Gary Mak, founder and chief consultant of Meta-Archit Software Technology Limited, has been a technical architect and application developer on the enterprise Java platform for more than seven years. He is the author of the Apress books Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach and Pro SpringSource dm Server. In his career, Gary has developed a number of Java–based software projects, most of which are application frameworks, system infrastructures, and software tools. He enjoys designing and implementing the complex parts of software projects. Gary has a master's degree in computer science. His research interests include object-oriented technology, aspect-oriented technology, design patterns, software reuse, and domain-driven development.

Gary specializes in building enterprise applications on technologies including Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JSF, Portlet, AJAX, and OSGi. He has been using the Spring Framework in his projects since Spring version 1.0. Gary has been an instructor of courses on enterprise Java, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, and agile development. He has written a series of Spring and Hibernate tutorials as course materials, parts of which are open to the public, and they're gaining popularity in the Java community. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and watching tennis competitions.

In this Book

  • Starting with Hibernate
  • Basic Mapping and Object Identity
  • Component Mapping
  • Inheritance and Custom Mapping
  • Many-to-One and One-to-One Mapping
  • Collection Mapping
  • Many-Valued Associations
  • HQL and JPA Query Language
  • Querying with Criteria and Example
  • Working with Objects
  • Batch Processing and Native SQL
  • Caching in Hibernate
  • Transactions and Concurrency
  • Web Applications


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