Homeland Security: A Complete Guide, Second Edition

  • 11h 19m
  • James Jay Carafano, Mark A. Sauter
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2012

Homeland Security: A Complete Guide is the authoritative guide to the history, mission, and evolution of the national homeland security enterprise, including federal, state, local, and private sector efforts. Whether you’re a first responder, corporate executive, government official, or concerned citizen, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of U.S. homeland security and your own role in preparing for and responding to terrorism and disasters.

Since publication of the previous edition in 2005, the Department of Homeland Security, other government agencies, and the broader homeland security enterprise have grown to cover “all hazards” and respond to emerging threats and policies.

Documenting and analyzing these trends, this new edition of Homeland Security: A Complete Guide has been expanded and updated to include:

  • New insights from the authors’ close contacts with high-level government and business officials
  • Late-breaking academic research, government reports, and examples from the field
  • Lessons learned from foiled terror plots, natural disasters, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • The use of emerging technologies by terrorists and responders alike
  • Controversies surrounding civil liberties, airport security, immigration, and government funding

An ideal resource for academic and training classrooms, Homeland Security: A Complete Guide includes an overview, learning objectives, source documents, discussion topic, summary, and quiz for each chapter.

About the Author

Mark A. Sauter is a senior managing director of Spectrum Capital Advisors and graduate of Harvard University (MCL), the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and DHS CERT training. He also served as a U.S. Army infantry and Special Forces officer. A witness to disasters from hurricanes to forest fires, he experienced terrorism firsthand on 9/11 while living in downtown Manhattan.

James Jay Carafano is the deputy director of The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies and director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation. His research focuses on developing the national security required to secure the long-term interests of the United States.

In this Book

  • Homeland Security─A Complete Guide, Second Edition
  • Homeland Security─A Concern and a Role for Everyone
  • Homeland Security─The American Tradition
  • The Road to 9/11─Contemporary Terrorism and the Meaning of the September 11 Attacks
  • The Birth of Contemporary Homeland Security─The National Response to 9/11 and Its Aftermath
  • Homeland Security Roles, Responsibilities, and Jurisdictions─International, Federal, State, and Local Government and Private Sector Responsibilities
  • Thinking Homeland Security─Theory, Strategy, Decision-Making, Planning, and Analysis Tools
  • Intelligence for Homeland Security─Process, Methods, Structure, and Resources
  • Domestic Counterterrorism─Investigating, Preventing, and Responding to Terrorist Plots
  • Homeland Defense and Support to Civil Authorities─Military Support for Homeland Security
  • Incident Management and Emergency Management─Responding to Human-made and Natural Disasters
  • The Mind of the Terrorist: Why They Hate
  • The Transnational Dimensions of Terrorism─From State Sponsors to Islamist Extremists
  • Domestic Terrorist Groups and Radicalization─The Threat Next Door
  • Terrorist Operations and Tactics─How Attacks Are Planned and Executed
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction─Understanding Real Threats and Getting Beyond Hype
  • Understanding Disasters and Mass Emergencies─From Earthquakes to Pandemics and Beyond
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection and Key Assets─Protecting America’s Most Important Targets
  • Business Preparedness, Continuity, and Recovery─Private Sector Response
  • Public Awareness and Personal, Family, and Community Preparedness─Challenges and Solutions
  • The Nation Responds: Volunteer, Faith-based, Business, and Nongovernmental Assets
  • Domain Security─Border, Maritime, and Aviation Security
  • Cybersecurity Protecting Cyberspace and Digital Technology
  • Significant Foiled U.S. Terror Plots from 9/11 to 2011
  • Profiles of Significant Islamist Extremists and International Terrorist Groups and State Sponsors


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