How to REALLY Use LinkedIn, Second Edition

  • 4h 8m
  • Bert Verdonck, Jan Vermeiren
  • Hannacroix Creek Books
  • 2011

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. The majority of the users has 3 questions: “What’s in it for me?”, “I have a profile, now what?” and “How to get more results without spending a lot of time?”

In the second - totally revised - edition of this international bestseller you will learn:

  • 5 step basic strategy to be successful with LinkedIn
  • 10 powerful ways to find new customers, employees, suppliers, partners, investors, experts or a new job
  • 42 tips to make your profile stand out
  • 11 strategies to apply LinkedIn at an organizational level (including Company Profile and the LinkedIn Strategy Matrix for Organizations)
  • 3 strategies (passive, active and proactive) to boost your personal or company branding
  • 5 steps for event organizers to mix online and offline networking
  • 17 ways group managers can stimulate interaction in groups
  • 31 answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQs)
  • 30 lesser-known functions and opportunities

Plus 53 new pages, including extra tips and timesaving tools and much, much more.

About the Authors

Jan Vermeiren is the founder of Networking Coach, the first LinkedIn Certified Training company in the world.

Jan and his team provide key note lectures, presentations, training courses and personal coaching about networking and referrals, and also advise organizations how to stimulate networking at their own events and how to integrate networking in their sales and recruitment strategy.

Jan is the author of the bestselling networking books: Let’s Connect! and How to REALLY Use LinkedIn, the networking CD Let’s Connect at an Event!, the Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course, and the Network Box (Home Study Course).

The Networking Coach team is hired by large international companies like Alcatel, Deloitte, DuPont, IBM, ING, Mobistar, Nike, SAP, and Sun Microsystems as well as by small companies and freelancers.

Jan is also a guest lecturer in the international MBA programs of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School (Belgium) and RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Bert Verdonck is an inspiring, enthusiastic and humorous speaker. He is master trainer at Networking Coach and a creative lifehacker.

Bert teaches people how to be more comfortable when networking, and how to improve results from networking, whether online (on LinkedIn and other business networks) or offline (receptions, mixers, conferences, fairs, and other networking events).

Bert is the founder of Genius Shortcuts, his personal flavor of life hacking. Ever imagined what you could do with 2 hours extra per day? Bert already helped thousands of people to boost their productivity and saved them hours per day.

As a lifehacker Bert published 3 books in 1 year. He co-authored Your Book in 100 Days, 175 Lifehacking Tips and The Wealth Garden. He created the Genius Shortcuts CD How to Shorten Your Workday by 2 Hours? And now he teamed up with Jan to co-author the second edition of How to REALLY use LinkedIn.

In this Book

  • Prologue
  • What is the Value of Networking?
  • The Benefits of LinkedIn
  • How to REALLY Use LinkedIn—A 5 Step Basic Strategy
  • How to Craft an Attractive Profile
  • The Fast Way to Build Your Network
  • The Heart of LinkedIn—Groups
  • 10 Strategies to Find People Using LinkedIn
  • Communicate with Your LinkedIn Network—Inbox & Contacts
  • Lead Generation Tools & Visibility Boosters—Applications
  • Personal Branding, Raising Your Visibility and Credibility on LinkedIn
  • The Power of Combining Online and Offline Networking—Events
  • The Heroes of LinkedIn—Group Managers
  • Keep Control—Home Page & Settings
  • How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find New Customers
  • How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find a New Job
  • How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find New Employees
  • How Organizations Can Benefit from LinkedIn (versus Individuals)
  • More Insights—News & Labs
  • Answers to Hot Discussion Topics and Burning Questions
  • Little Known, but Interesting Features and Behavior of LinkedIn
  • Tools to save You Time When Working with LinkedIn
  • Epilogue
  • Other Books and Websites
  • Other Products and Services of Networking Coach