How to Sharpen your Business Writing Skills, Second Edition

  • 3h 35m
  • Nan Levinson
  • 2000

You'll update your writing skills and excel in today's e- writing environment with the tools offered in this timely self-study. Packed with guidance attuned to current business writing and presentation challenges, the course features special strategies to speed online research and guidelines for creating safe and savvy e-mail. Through interactive, self-directed exercises, you'll acquire the techniques that professional writers use to research, draft, compose, and edit their work. Examples and checklists will keep you on track as you practice writing better letters, memos, proposals, reports, and e-mail (with its own rules and etiquette). If you struggle to find the words and tone appropriate for given situations, you'll appreciate the advice on selecting language that works. There's also plenty of help with those niggling questions about grammar and punctuation. Once you've completed this course, your writing will be more effective, polished, and direct. It will distinguish you and help you move ahead, whether you're an administrative assistant or company officer.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your audience
  • Organize your material
  • Write clearly and effectively
  • Master the steps of editing and rewriting
  • Conduct online research thoroughly and quickly
  • Compose e-mail that communicates your message efficiently
  • Avoid common pitfalls of electronic communications
  • Use writing to eliminate misunderstandings

In this Book

  • Writing for Your Reader
  • Getting Organized
  • Types of Business Writing
  • Effective Writing
  • The Right Word—Appropriate Language
  • Language That Works
  • Direct and Forceful Writing
  • Write and Rewrite—Punctuating and Revising
  • Research—Fact-Finding Missions
  • Plugging In: Computers and Business Communication
  • Post-test