How to Win Any Negotiation: Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, or Coming to Blows

  • 4h 33m
  • Robert Mayer
  • Career Press, Inc.
  • 2006

Today’s super negotiator has to be a versatile problem solver, seeking hard-bargain results with a soft touch. With punch and panache, Bob Mayer shows you how to make the grade, revealing powerful negotiating tools drawn from a unique blend of sources:

  • Recent advances in psychology, linguistics, trial advocacy, sales, and management communications—the cutting edge of the art of performance.
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques from 200 of the world’s masters—the legendary street and bazaar merchants of Bombay, Istanbul, Cairo, and Shanghai.
  • Mayer’s own "been there, done that" years as a lawyer representing thousands of clients (from foreign government agencies and mega-corporations to some of the world’s best-known actors, authors, and athletes), negotiating deals on everything from amphitheaters to Zero aircraft.

You’ll learn what works—and what doesn’t—when you’re up against a stone wall…or your ideas are being rejected…or you’re confronted with hostility and anger. Included is the highly acclaimed Deal Maker’s Playbook, a collection of step-by-step "how-to’s" and "what-to’s" for 38 common negotiating situations such as:

  • Buying a car
  • Leasing an apartment
  • Dealing with the IRS
  • Interviewing for a Job
  • Buying a franchise
  • Getting out of debt

It’s all here—the fancy footwork and magic moves for outgunning, outmaneuvering, and out-negotiating the other person. And the techniques for developing life skills that will dramatically enhance your chances of professional success and personal satisfaction.

About the Author

Larry King, host of Larry King Live, says that "Bob Mayer is a lawyer's lawyer." Bob received both his business and law degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. A veteran been-there, done-that negotiator, Robert Mayer and his firm represent clients big (foreign governments, including Venezuela, for whom the first heavyweight prize fight ever held in South America was negotiated) and small, famous (some of America's best-known actors and athletes) and infamous, negotiating deals on everything from Amphitheater developments to the sale of Zero vintage aircraft.

In addition to being a professional mediator and practicing law full time, Mayer conducts "Negotiating Tips, Tricks, and Tactics" seminars and workshops that have been presented for M.B.A. and law students and for various governmental agencies, private businesses, trade groups, and professional associations.

Mayer has interviewed over 200 of the world's negotiating masters—the legendary street and bazaar merchants of Bombay, Istanbul, Cairo, and Shanghai—gathering bargaining, haggling, and horse-trading tips for travelers headed for marketplaces around the world. When he can get away, he is a popular cruise ship lecturer who shares those secrets in light-hearted talks to cruise ship passengers bound for destinations where a marketplace mentality is a must to be a top-seeded shopper.

In this Book

  • Winning Is a Mindset—The Great Wallenda Effect
  • Linkage—The Stealth Factor
  • Alignment—Soar Points
  • Needs—Making Your Ideas Irresistible
  • Control—How to Listen So People Will Talk and Talk So People Will Listen
  • Evaluation—Finders Keepers, Losers Beepers
  • Reading—People Are an Open Book
  • LANCER—Postcards From the Top
  • Finessing Hostility, Aggression, and Anger—Dancing in the Minefield
  • Overcoming Rejection—Riding the Crest of a Slump
  • Running Through Walls—The Trying Game
  • Finessing Worth, Value, and Share Differences—Waging Peace
  • Finessing People Who Would Rather Be Right Than Reasonable—Slow Squeezing
  • Analytics—Choice Points
  • Relationships—Walking Between the Raindrops
  • Power—The Insurmountable Opportunities Factor
  • Basic Training—Bombs-Away Bargaining and White-Knuckle Horse Trading
  • Mind Tricks—The Squish Factor
  • Sliders and Curves—Hold-On-to-the-Roll-Bar Negotiating
  • Timing, Tempo, and Turbocharging—Making Time Your Ally
  • Apartment Lease—Negotiating an Apartment Lease
  • Appliances—Negotiating Major Purchases: The TV/Treadmill/Tires/Computer/Refrigerator/Stereo Game
  • Automobile Lease—Driving a Hard Bargain
  • Automobile—New—How to Make Your Best New Car Deal Ever
  • Automobile—Used—Negotiating the Purchase of a Used Car
  • Bargaining and Haggling—The Bazaar/Marketplace/Swap Meet/ Street Vendor/Shopping Game
  • Business—Purchase—Negotiating the "No Surprises Later On" Purchase of a Business
  • Business—Sale—Negotiating the "No Surprises Later On" Sale of a Business
  • Cohabitation Agreement—Negotiating an Agreement Between Unmarried Cohabitants
  • Collecting Money—Negotiating the Collection of Money Without Sounding Like a Wimp or a Self-Righteous Money Grubber
  • Contractors—Negotiating With a Pool/Building/Masonry/Roofing/Painting/Landscape or Other Type of Contractor
  • Contracts—Contract Negotiating
  • Crisis, Public Relations—Finessing a Public Relations Crisis of Confidence
  • Cruises—Negotiating a Super Cruise Fare
  • Debt—Negotiating Your Way Out of Debt
  • Divorce—Negotiating a Divorce
  • Employees—Negotiating Tips for Employers
  • Family and Friends—Tips for Negotiating With Family, Friends, and Partners
  • Franchisors—Tips on Negotiating with Franchisors
  • House—Purchase—Negotiating the Purchase of a House or Condo
  • House—Sale—Negotiating the Sale of Your House
  • Insurance Claims, Auto—Negotiating Automobile Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Claims, Homeowner—Negotiating Homeowner Insurance Claims
  • IRS—Negotiating With the IRS
  • Jewelry—Negotiating Major Purchases: The Fine Jewelry and Watch Game
  • Job Interviews—Finessing the Job Interview
  • Lawyer, Hiring a—Hiring a Hired Gun
  • Litigation, Settling—Negotiating With a Litigation Opponent
  • Loan—Negotiating a Borrowing Transaction
  • Office Lease—Negotiating Your Office Lease
  • Prenuptial Agreement—Negotiating a Prenuptial Agreement
  • Real Estate—Listing Broker—Negotiating a Broker Listing Agreement
  • Reservations and Tickets—Negotiating Tickets, Reservations, and What Can't Be Gotten
  • Salary, Beginning—After a Job Offer: Negotiating Your Starting Compensation
  • Salary, Increases in—Negotiating the Best Possible Raise While Enhancing Your Job Security
  • Store Front Lease—Negotiating a Store Front Lease
  • Coming Full Circle