HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies

  • 6h 37m
  • William Harrel
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

Learn to build and optimize attractive, functional web sites for smartphones

Today, mobile devices outnumber desktop and laptop computers three to one. Skill in developing web sites that work on mobile devices is in demand, and this friendly, step-by-step guide shows how to build and optimize sites using HTML5 and other standard web development tools. Building web sites that work for all types of smartphones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and BlackBerry devices is a skill much in demand as mobile devices outpace both desktop and laptop computers, and this book gets you started.

  • Guides you through creating and optimizing mobile sites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Covers HTML5, WebKit extensions, platform variations, accommodating different browsers, security issues, and making mobile sites richer with Flash, graphics, and video
  • Includes code for differences in mobile app design and navigation, including touch devices

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Web Development For Dummies makes it easy to start developing great sites for mobile devices.

About the Author

William Harrel has nearly 25 years of digital design experience. He was one of the pioneers of publishing on desktop computers, starting with the very first digital design and graphics programs, PageMaker and Photoshop. Like so many of the early "desktop publishers," with the emergence of the World Wide Web, he found that making the transition to web design was the next logical step. His design firm has designed hundreds of websites, Flash websites, and electronic documents. His earlier books on Photoshop, PageMaker, and digital media in general were some of the first publications on these topics.

William Harrel has authored or coauthored 19 books on designing both print media and electronic documents, such as websites, PDFs, Flash sites and Flash applications, slide and multimedia presentations, on computers. These include titles on Photoshop, Acrobat (Acrobat For Dummies), PageMaker, Flash, Director, and several other graphics and publishing packages.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Designing Websites for Big and Small Screens
  • Bringing More to HTML with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Introducing JavaScript for Building Mobile Web Pages
  • Mobile Web Design Software and Utilities
  • Thinking Small, Smaller, Smallest
  • Developing a Mobile Device Detection and Adaption System
  • Laying Out the Home Page
  • Using Templates
  • Designing Mobile Forms
  • Working with Images, Videos, and Flash Movies
  • Getting to Know HTML5 and CSS3
  • Understanding Mobile WebKit Extensions and other Mobile-Specific Options
  • Automating Your Sites with JavaScript
  • Creating a Mobile Quiz
  • Making Your Mobile Site Search-Engine Friendly
  • Building a Mobile Search Page
  • Creating a Mobile Shopping Cart
  • Top Ten Mobile Emulators
  • Top Ten Mobile Template Sites
  • Top Ten Mobile Widgets
  • Taking Your Blog Theme Mobile


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