IEC 61850 Demystified

  • 4h 51m
  • Herbert Falk
  • Artech House
  • 2019

This comprehensive overview of 61850 standard/protocol focuses on implementation, taking the reader through the development and concepts of IEC 61850. This includes the initial work by General Motors (Manufacturing Automation Protocol), EPRI (UCA 1.0 and UCA 2.0), IEEE (TR 1550), and IEC 61850. The standard is a significant piece of many IIoT (industrial internet of things) strategies for substation communication.

The book discusses and documents the basic research and theory of guaranteed multicast done for IEC 61850 GOOSE as well as the shift from variable technology to object oriented technology. The layering principles, as well as the structure, of IEC 61850 are discussed in detail as well as the actual communication profiles that have been created to support substation/distribution automation, distributed energy resources, and synchrophasors. Real applications will be discussed as well as the future direction of the standard. The author is a technical co-editor of IEC 61850 standard and a leader in US implementations, having been involved with the technology from its inception.

About the Author

Herbert Falk is a recognized expert on information integration technology, distributed object technology, and communication, having served on and chaired numerous industry technical committees. He received his MS-EE in electrical engineering from Northwestern University. Mr. Falk has been involved in the creation of IEC 61850 and is one of its editors. Additionally, he is the United States lead delegate for cyber security to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee (57) Working Group (WG) 15.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • What Makes IEC 61850 Different?
  • History of IEC 61850
  • The Need for Speed—Networking versus Hardwire
  • Harmonizing IEC 61850 and IEEE TR 1550
  • Structure of the IEC 61850 Standard
  • Read before Proceeding—Use of UML in This Book
  • Integration Patterns
  • Basic IEC 61850
  • IEC 61850-7-2 AND IEC 61850-7-3
  • Engineering
  • Client and Server Communications
  • Impact of Cybersecurity
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Glossary