Illustrator CS for Dummies

  • 6h 21m
  • Ted Alspach
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2004

So you thought Illustrator should really be called “Intimidator?” Not so! Let this book draw you a map through the jungle of pages, paths, pixels, and Pen tools, and before you know it, you’ll have your creations in print, on the Web, or even on a PDA. Then, just smile mysteriously when folks say “Wow!”

About the Author

Ted Alspach is considered the leading authority on the history, use, and functionality of Adobe Illustrator. He has written more than 25 books on graphics and desktop publishing.

In this Book

  • Illustrator CS For Dummies
  • Introduction
  • Introducing the World of Illustrator
  • Following the Righteous Path
  • Doing Everyday Things with Illustrator
  • Shaping Up, Basically
  • Getting Your Fill of Fills and Strokes
  • Selecting and Editing Paths
  • Wielding the Mighty Pen Tool
  • Creating Straight and Curved Lines without the Pen Tool
  • Creating Magnificent Brushstrokes
  • Extreme Fills and Strokes
  • Effectively Keeping Up Appearances, with Style(s)
  • Pushing, Pulling, Poking, and Prodding
  • Organizing Efficiently
  • Introducing Letters and Such (Type 101)
  • Printing Your Masterpiece
  • Putting Your Art on the Web
  • Moving Files Into and Out of Illustrator
  • Ten Production-Enhancing Tips
  • Ten (Or So) Ways to Customize Illustrator
  • Taking Images Out of the Realm of Reality