Impact of Open Innovation on the World Economy

  • 5h 49m
  • Orlando Lima Rua
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

Open innovation has revolutionized the way businesses adapt to situations, handle problems, and interact with other corporations. Establishing these collaborative business practices has the potential to support and improve business operations across fields, which makes further study vital in order to properly implement the best practices and techniques. As open innovation continues to develop and provide businesses with numerous opportunities for growth, it is crucial to understand and address the trends and challenges of innovation for business and countries’ economic and social development.

Impact of Open Innovation on the World Economy is an essential reference source that provides examinations on issues of open innovation in the context of organizations and its links to entrepreneurship, strategy, and marketing. The book further provides necessary resources to adopt and implement new business and social solutions. Covering a range of topics such as firm performance and business collaborations, this reference work is ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, technology developers, policymakers, researchers, academicians, practitioners, instructors, and students.

About the Author

Orlando Rua is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP) of the Polytechnic of Porto (Portugal). Researcher at Center for Organizational and Social Studies (CEOS.PP) (Polytechnic of Porto – ISCAP) and at Management Applied Research Unit (UNIAG) of the Association of Polytechnic Institutes of Northern Portugal (APNOR). He holds a PhD in Economics and Management. His major subjects are entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy. His papers have been published in several relevant international journals and scientific conferences.

In this Book

  • Impact of Open Innovation on the Competitive Advantage of Hospitality Sector SMEs
  • The Relevance of Open Innovation for the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry in Developing Countries—Open Innovation to Address Vaccine Divide
  • Open Innovation—A Successful Case Study of a Portuguese Company Seeking Complementary Resources
  • The Effects of Innovation Policy on Science-to-Business Collaboration—The Case of Serbia
  • Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship—Reflections of the State of the Art in the Period 2011-2021
  • Marketing and Open Innovation—Toward Sustainable Innovation (SustaINovation)
  • Regional Cluster Evolution of Aerospace Industry in the Republic of Korea—New Quadruple Helix and Open Innovation Perspective
  • Comparison of Innovation Policies between the European Union and the United States of America
  • Linking Open Innovation and Firm Performance
  • Critical Barriers to Overcome When Corporates Engage with Startups—The Open Innovation Perspective
  • Compilation of References