Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications

  • 4h 26m
  • David E. Y. Sarna
  • CRC Press
  • 2011

Major enterprises and small start-ups are beginning to embrace cloud computing for the scalability and reliability that cloud vendors can provide. This book demonstrates how to implement robust and highly scalable cloud computing applications. Filled with comparative charts and decision trees to help navigate the many implementation alternatives, the author describes the major available commercial offerings and guides readers in choosing the best combination of platform, tools, and services for a small, growing start-up or an established enterprise. Aimed at software developers and their managers, the text details cloud development environments, lifecycles, and project management.

About the Author

David E. Y. Sarna is a technologist, serial entrepreneur, and author of the popular blogs and Mr. Sarna is a Certified Systems Professional, a Certified Computer Programmer and Certified Data Processing Auditor. He is the co-author, with George Febish, of PC Magazine Windows Rapid Application Development (published by Ziff-Davis Press) which went into three printings and was translated into several languages; he has also written five other books and more than 120 articles published in professional magazines. His longtime column "Paradigm Shift" was the most popular feature in Datamation for many years.

Mr. Sarna holds several patents in the fields of bar code and kiosk technologies. He has been honored by the Computer Measurement Group, Inc., by IBM, and by Microsoft Corporation, where he was a founding Regional Director of the Microsoft Developers Network. He has lectured widely and has appeared on television many times, including multiple national appearances on the Fox Network, CNN, and MSNBC.

Mr. Sarna is the founder and managing director of Hendon, Stamford Hill & Co., Inc. (HSH), strategy consulting ( He has more than 35 years of experience as a merchant banker, management consultant and as an executive of high-technology companies. Prior to founding HSH, Mr. Sarna served for many years on the Advisory Board of Hudson Venture Partners, a well-known New York venture capitalist. He has served as a board member, director and executive officer of the Ramaz School, and on the Board of Yavneh Academy, both prestigious not-for-profit schools.

Mr. Sarna was founder, chairman, chief executive officer, and a director of ObjectSoft Corporation, a publicly traded company which he founded in 1990. In 1988, Mr. Sarna founded Image Business Systems Corporation (IBS), a software company specializing in document image processing; the company was founded as a spin-off of International Systems Services Corp. (ISS), which Mr. Sarna co-founded in 1981. IBS developed ImageSystem, the first large-scale client-server software for document image processing; it was marketed by IBM. Warburg Pincus and IBM were major investors in IBS, which went public and was listed on the NASDAQ. At ISS, he architected ISS Three, a computer capacity planning and expert systems tool which ISS successfully marketed and ultimately sold successfully to UCCEL Corp., now part of Computer Associates. ISS itself was successfully sold to a public company.

From 1976 to 1981, Mr. Sarna was employed at Price Waterhouse & Co. as a management consultant, beginning as a senior consultant and rising to the position of senior manager. At the start of his career, Mr. Sarna worked for Honeywell, Inc. as a hardware engineer from 1969 to 1970, and for IBM Corp. from 1970 to 1976 in the large systems division of IBM World Trade Corp. in engineering and sales capacities. Mr. Sarna holds a B.A. degree cum laude with honors from Brandeis University and did his graduate work in Computer Science at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

In this Book

  • Cloud Computing is a True Paradigm Shift
  • From Do It Yourself to Public Cloud—A Continuum
  • Cloud Computing: Is It Old Mainframe Bess in a New Dress?
  • Moving Into and Around the Clouds and Efforts at Standardization
  • Cloud Economics and Capacity Management
  • Demystifying the Cloud: A Case Study Using Amazon's Cloud Services (AWS)
  • Virtualization: Open Source and VMware
  • Securing the Cloud: Reliability, Availability, and Security
  • Scale and Reuse: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Windows Azure
  • Google in the Cloud
  • Enterprise Cloud Vendors
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Practice Fusion Case Study
  • Support and Reference Materials


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