Implementing DevSecOps with Docker and Kubernetes: An Experiential Guide to Operate in the DevOps Environment for Securing and Monitoring Container Applications, First Edition

  • 5h 8m
  • José Manuel Ortega Candel
  • BPB Publications
  • 2022

Building and securely deploying container-based applications with Docker and Kubernetes using open source tools.

Key Features

  • Real-world examples of vulnerability analysis in Docker containers.
  • Includes recommended practices for Kubernetes and Docker with real execution of commands.
  • Includes essential monitoring tools for Docker containers and Kubernetes configuration.


This book discusses many strategies that can be used by developers to improve their DevSecOps and container security skills. It is intended for those who are active in software development. After reading this book, readers will discover how Docker and Kubernetes work from a security perspective.

The book begins with a discussion of the DevSecOps tools ecosystem, the primary container platforms and orchestration tools that you can use to manage the lifespan and security of your apps. Among other things, this book discusses best practices for constructing Docker images, discovering vulnerabilities, and better security. The book addresses how to examine container secrets and networking. Backed with examples, the book demonstrates how to manage and monitor container-based systems, including monitoring and administration in Docker.

In the final section, the book explains Kubernetes' architecture and the critical security threats inherent in its components. Towards the end, it demonstrates how to utilize Prometheus and Grafana to oversee observability and monitoring in Kubernetes management.

What you will learn

  • Familiarize yourself with Docker as a platform for container deployment.
  • Learn how Docker can control the security of images and containers.
  • Discover how to safeguard and monitor your Docker environment for vulnerabilities.
  • Explore the Kubernetes architecture and best practices for securing your Kubernetes environment.
  • Learn and explore tools for monitoring and administering Docker containers.
  • Learn and explore tools for observing and monitoring Kubernetes environments.

About the Author

José Manuel Ortega Candel is a Software Engineer and Security Researcher who focuses on new technologies, open-source, security, and testing. His career target has been to specialize in Python and DevOps security. Currently, he is working as a security tester engineer. He analyzes and tests the security of applications. Conferences and talks related to Python, security, and docker are available on his personal site

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In this Book

  • Getting Started with DevSecOps
  • Container Platforms
  • Managing Containers and Docker Images
  • Getting Started with Docker Security
  • Docker Host Security
  • Docker Images Security
  • Auditing and Analyzing Vulnerabilities in Docker Containers
  • Managing Docker Secrets and Networking
  • Docker Container Monitoring
  • Docker Container Administration
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Kubernetes Security
  • Auditing and Analyzing Vulnerabilities in Kubernetes
  • Observability and Monitoring in Kubernetes