Improving Health Care Management at the Top: How Balanced Boardrooms Can Lead to Organizational Success

  • 42m
  • Milan Frankl, Sharon Roberts
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2016

This book, based on case studies in the healthcare sector, reveals a working strategy that explores a well-kept secret of top management: that a more balanced gender distribution on the boards of healthcare organizations results in an improvement of the organizations overall performance. Organizational success for healthcare institutions depends in part on insuring that an organizations management team possesses and reflects key characteristics that can predict that success. By further linking these characteristics to gender, the research suggests that it is reasonable to assume that an increased if not dominant presence of females on boards will lead to improved performance. In this evolving world environment of an aging population coupled with funding constraints that are applied to healthcare organizations based on performance, healthcare organizations top management and researchers will find this book a must read. A new perspective emerges as a practical solution for the healthcare organizations survival.

In this Book

  • Gender Diversity May Be the Answer to Performance
  • Background—What Theory Reveals
  • The Canadian Local Health Integration Network—Business Case
  • Health Care Executive Management Composition—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Hospital Performance—A Taboo to Overcome
  • Dominance—By Whom?


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