In the Shower with Picasso: Sparking Your Creativity and Imagination

  • 4h
  • Christian Stadil, Lene Tanggaard
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2014

The legendary artist Pablo Picasso took baths when he was in need of new ideas for his work. Other people take walks in the park or visit an art gallery or watch YouTube in an attempt to spark their creativity and imagination. This book inspires us to work harder with our creativity both as individuals and companies. Being creative is now critical in our careers, but most people regard creativity as somewhat mystical, slippery, and a rare entity. In fact, all of us are capable of creativity if that is what we want. Often, it is about having the right mindset and finding the right spark to set off your creativity. This book contains wonderful stories of people from different backgrounds such as opera, architecture, science, art, sports, toys, film, and technology and how they find and use their creativity. It includes practical tips and tricks to help you lead a more creative and imaginative life at work and home.

About the Authors

Christian Stadil is the owner of the sports and fashion brand hummel International and is CEO of Thornico Group, which is involved in shipping, technology, food and real estate. He is the co-author [with Steen Hildebrandt] of Company Karma.

Lene Tanggaard is a professor of psychology at the University of Aalborg. Denmark and is also co-director of the international Centre for the Cultural Psychology of Creativity. She is the author of several books and articles about creativity and innovation in the workplace.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Everyone Can Be More Creative!
  • Dancing along the Edge of the Box
  • Passion as the Driving Force of Creative Processes
  • The Wunderkind of Danish Architecture on a Date with the Little Mermaid
  • On the Shoulders of Francis Bacon
  • Aqua, Summer Ballet, and the Great Doubt
  • Showering with Einstein and Picasso—Working with the Creative Breakthrough
  • Absinthe, Coke, and Burnt Easels—Can We Force Creativity Through Doping, and is Madness the Same as Brilliance?
  • The LETT Law Firm—Developing A Creative Culture and Overcoming Resistance
  • Pernille Aalund's Aversion to Pretty Glass Partitions—The Orgasmic Breakthrough and Discovering Creative Workspace
  • Sarah Lund from the Killing, the Blue Elephant, and a bit about Lego—Creativity as a Question of Working on the Edge
  • Let's Get Naked and Win that Emmy—Passion in a Business Context
  • Keeping the Boiler Going
  • Noma, the World's Best Restaurant—A Manifesto and an Explosion of Ideas
  • Saturday Sessions at Noma and the Weird One We Keep in the Closet—Making Creative Processes Possible among Employees
  • Ami James, Tattoodo.Com, and the Closed Door
  • Herlufsholm and Reclaiming Creativity
  • Global Challenges and the Danish Creativity Model?
  • References and Inspirational Literature
  • Other Sources