Information Security for Managers

  • 13h 39m
  • Daniel C. Phelps, John N. Gathegi, Michael Workman
  • Jones and Bartlett Learning
  • 2013

Information systems have improved over the years to become more effective in collecting and rendering information for consumers, although these improvements have been accompanied by increases in both frequency and sophistication of attacks against them. The impacts from attacks against companies are significant, and managers are responsible for their organizations' security. Failures can cause significant losses to companies and their suppliers and clients, and may cost managers their jobs, and may even possibly lead to legal liabilities that are adjudicated against them. This textbook takes a different approach than most texts on the subject, which are organized topically. Pedagogically, Information Security for Managers utilizes an incremental development method called knowledge scaffolding –a proven educational technique for learning subject matter thoroughly by reinforced learning through an elaborative rehearsal process. This new resource includes coverage on threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability, as well as countermeasures to preserve these. The textbook also draws extensively from the latest applied research and development, rather than simply rehashing materials and topics that are in nearly all of the extant textbooks and popular reading materials. Instructor Resources include Answers to the end-of-chapter questions and a PowerPoint Image Bank that contains key images from the text.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Corporations and the Rule of Law
  • Management, Security Law, and Policies
  • Security Regulations and Governance
  • Security Programs: Risk Assessment and Management
  • Managing Organizations Securely
  • Data, Information, and Systems
  • Programming Concepts
  • Applications Programming
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Networks and Addressing
  • Protocols and Routing
  • Information Systems Security
  • Computer Security
  • Network Security
  • Cryptography Uses and Firewalls
  • Cryptography—And How IT Works
  • Web Applications Security
  • Configuration Management
  • Operations
  • Managing Security Behavior
  • Modeling and Predicting Attacks
  • Adaptive Systems Security
  • Security Horizons: Issues for Managers


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