Innovative Entrepreneurship in Action: From High-Tech to Digital Entrepreneurship

  • 4h 20m
  • Giuseppina Passiante
  • Springer
  • 2020

This book analyses prevailing approaches and policies in innovative entrepreneurship. It explores the ways in which entrepreneurs learn and develop innovation-based businesses to drive increased regional competitiveness. Specifically, the contributions propose that sustainable innovation ecosystems booster innovative entrepreneurship and thus create a competitive advantage for smart and sustainable growth. It also examines the current state of entrepreneurship education, where the development of entrepreneurial abilities is considered a process of value creation—both economic and social—with the final aim to create both new start-ups and entrepreneurial mind-sets.Featuring theoretical approaches and empirical evidences, this title is appropriate for scholars, academics, students and policy makers in technology and innovation management, economics of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Genome of Digital Entrepreneurship: A Descriptive Framework
  • Moving Ahead Looking Back: The Strategic Role of Tradition
  • Linking Business Model Mapping and Innovation with Intellectual Capital in Technological Start-Ups
  • Facilitating Business Startup Launch: An Interpretative Framework Based on Project Management
  • Corporate "Excelerators": How Organizations can Speed Up Crowdventuring for Exponential Innovation
  • Financing the Development of Technology Startups
  • Entrepreneurability: Innovation Labs as Engines of Innovation Capacity Development
  • Circular Economy Innovative Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Foundation
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurial Competence Development in Italian University Students: Insights from the "Contamination Lab" Cases
  • Catalyzing Innovative Entrepreneurship: An Italian Case Study
  • Supporting Innovative Entrepreneurship in Southern Italy: The Case of a Public Private Technology District