Instructional Design & Implementation: The Tools for Creating Training Program Curriculum, Volume 2

  • 5h 46m
  • American Society for Training and Development
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2008

Train the Trainer is a four-volume collection, containing the best and most popular issues about the training process--from instructional design to ethics to evaluation. Train the Trainer volume 2 provides all the information you need to start creating great training curriculum. This volume includes the following 15 issues—Basics of Instructional Systems Development, Be a Better Needs Analyst, Course Design and Development, Lesson Design and Development, Jump-Start Your Learning Objectives, Write Better Behavioral Objectives, How to Select and Use Learning Tools, Using Job Aids, Alternatives to Classrooms, Informal Learning, Teach SMEs to Design Training, Basics of E-Learning, Instructional Design for Technical Training, Needs Assessment for E-Learning, and Simple, Effective Online Training.

In this Book

  • Basics of Instructional Systems Development
  • Be a Better Needs Analyst
  • Course Design and Development
  • Lesson Design and Development
  • Jump-Start Your Learning Objectives
  • Write Better Behavioral Objectives
  • How to Select and Use Learning Tools
  • Using Job Aids
  • Alternatives to Classrooms
  • Informal Learning
  • Teach SMEs to Design Training
  • Basics of E-Learning
  • Instructional Design for Technical Training
  • Needs Assessment for E-Learning
  • Simple, Effective Online Training