Integrating Blockchain Technology Into the Circular Economy

  • 5h 43m
  • Syed Abdul Rehman Khan
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

In recent decades, the industrial revolution has increased economic growth despite its immersion in global environmental issues such as climate change. Researchers emphasize the adoption of circular economy practices in global supply chains and businesses for better socio-environmental sustainability without compromising economic growth. Integrating blockchain technology into business practices could promote the circular economy as well as global environmental sustainability.

Integrating Blockchain Technology Into the Circular Economy discusses the technological advancements in circular economy practices, which provide better results for both economic growth and environmental sustainability. It provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in the applications of blockchain technology. Covering topics such as big data analytics, financial market infrastructure, and sustainable performance, this book is an essential resource for managers, operations managers, executives, manufacturers, environmentalists, researchers, industry practitioners, students and educators of higher education, and academicians.

About the Author

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan is a professor of Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Dr. Khan achieved his CSCP—Certified Supply Chain Professional certificate from the U.S.A. and completed his postdoctoral fellowship from Tsinghua University. Since 2020, Dr. Khan has been affiliated with Xuzhou University of Technology. He has more than nine years’ core experience in supply chain and logistics at industrial and academic levels. Prof. Khan has attended several international conferences and has been invited as a keynote speaker in different countries. He has published 100+ scientific research papers in different well-renowned international journals and conferences. Also, Dr. Khan has achieved several research projects and scientific innovation awards.

In this Book

  • Industry 4.0, Internal Green Supply Chain Practices, and the Firm's Sustainable Performance—Evidence from Emerging Economies
  • How to Improve Organizational Performance Using Big Data in the Hotels
  • Financial Market Infrastructure and Implementation of Blockchain Technology—A Critical Review for Managing Operational Risk
  • A Study on Blockchain Technology Implementation in the Logistics Sector of Pakistan
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Supply Chain Management
  • Outsourcing Transportation Management—A Case Study of an Online Shopping Company
  • Pitfalls and Challenges of Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Operations Management under the Era of Advanced Technology
  • Blockchain Technology as Enablement of Industry 4.0
  • Supply Chain Management Professional Use Technologies (SM) during the Pandemic to Accomplish Tasks
  • Big Data Analytics—Applications and Barriers in Supply Chain
  • Glossary
  • Compilation of References
  • Related Readings