Integration of Cloud Computing with Internet of Things: Foundations, Analytics and Applications

  • 6h 57m
  • Monika Mangla
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

The book aims to integrate the aspects of IoT, Cloud computing and data analytics from diversified perspectives. The book also plans to discuss the recent research trends and advanced topics in the field which will be of interest to academicians and researchers working in this area. Thus, the book intends to help its readers to understand and explore the spectrum of applications of IoT, cloud computing and data analytics.

Here, it is also worth mentioning that the book is believed to draw attention on the applications of said technology in various disciplines in order to obtain enhanced understanding of the readers. Also, this book focuses on the researches and challenges in the domain of IoT, Cloud computing and Data analytics from perspectives of various stakeholders.

In this Book

  • Internet of Things: A Key to Unfasten Mundane Repetitive Tasks
  • Measures for Improving IoT Security
  • An Efficient Fog-Based Model for Secured Data Communication
  • An Expert System to Implement Symptom Analysis in Healthcare
  • An IoT-Based Gadget for Visually Impaired People
  • IoT Protocol for Inferno Calamity in Public Transport
  • Traffic Prediction Using Machine Learning and IoT
  • Application of Machine Learning in Precision Agriculture
  • An IoT-Based Multi Access Control and Surveillance for Home Security
  • Application of IoT in Industry 4.0 for Predictive Analytics
  • IoT and Its Role in Performance Enhancement in Business Organizations
  • An Analysis of Cloud Computing Based on Internet of Things
  • Importance of Fog Computing in Emerging Technologies-IoT
  • Convergence of Big Data and Cloud Computing Environment
  • Data Analytics Framework Based on Cloud Environment
  • Neural Networks for Big Data Analytics
  • Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Best IoT Cloud Service Platform Selection
  • Legal Entanglements of Cloud Computing In India
  • Securing the Pharma Supply Chain Using Blockchain