International Management: Explorations Across Cultures

  • 9h 37m
  • Elizabeth Christopher
  • Kogan Page
  • 2012

Consultant Elizabeth Christopher explores management opportunities in encounters across the world between national, organizational, political, professional and social cultures. Ideal for students and practitioners of cross-cultural management, International Management is soundly based theoretically and supported with real-life international examples from contemporary events and situations.

From a historical perspective and a uniquely cross-disciplinary approach, Christopher identifies the major leadership styles that continue to characterize people across regions, nations, communities and organizations, within groups and as individuals. She provides a comprehensive textbook that addresses topics such as: the effects of mass media scrutiny on the behavior of international corporate leaders, the rising rate of unemployment, especially among younger professionals, and negotiation and decision-making styles across cultures.

International Management shows readers how to deal with diversity in employment, harness the power of technology to enhance cross-cultural management and overcome the cultural differences in motivation of leaders and followers. Christopher tackles the crucial issues facing today's international managers and provides practical tools for successfully growing a business in a world rich with cultural diversity.

About the Author

Elizabeth Christopher is both an academic and a practicing consultant for cross-cultural leadership and management training in the US, Australia, Japan and the UK. She is a reviewer for international journals and has published widely in her field. She is senior associate of an American international leadership training consulting company.

In this Book

  • Industry: Cultural Differences in Industry Leadership and the Effects of Mass Media Reports
  • Patterns of Employment: The Roles of Women and Minorities in International Business
  • Management of Public and Private Sector Involvement
  • International Networks and Alliances, Structures and Controls, Strategies for Sustainable Business
  • Negotiations and Decisions: Leadership and Motivation
  • Technology, the Internet and Dealing with Change
  • Learning: Action Learning and Learning Organizations
  • Language and Culture: Translations, Interpretations and World Englishes
  • The Ethics of International Business
  • Looking to the Future