International Perspectives and Strategies for Managing an Aging Workforce

  • 8h 7m
  • Fatma Ince
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

Older employees are often seen as an obstacle and not as an opportunity for companies, especially regarding the transfer of knowledge and experience. Effective development and utilization of older professional and managerial employees is an important issue as most organizations are not prepared to tailor their training methods to the needs and preferences of these employees due to negative stereotypes. Managing a rapidly aging workforce and sustaining economic dynamism calls for systematic research to prevent age discrimination due to an incomplete knowledge of older workers and politically challenging policy choices that require strong political commitments, robust management leadership, and social consensus.

International Perspectives and Strategies for Managing an Aging Workforce examines the differences in stereotypes of older employees compared to younger employees in companies; analyzes the impact of the aging workforce on retention, productivity, and well-being; and investigates organizational systems, processes, and practices for managing older workers. Covering a range of topics such as retention and retirement, this reference work is ideal for researchers, academicians, practitioners, business owners, managers, human resource workers, instructors, and students.

About the Author

Fatma İnce received her Ph.D. degree in Management and Organization. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Organization at Mersin University in Turkey, where she teaches Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking, Leadership, and Teamwork at undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research interests consist of entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, synergy, generations, and learning organizations. And besides, she serves as Assistant Director at the University Career Center to provide strategic oversight and management for the students’ careers as they enhance their skills.

In this Book

  • The Evolution of Aging Conceptualization and its Effect on the Workforce
  • Indonesian Ageing Workforces in Rural and Urban Areas—Are They Similar or Not?
  • Senior Entrepreneurship—Agenda for a Youth Economy (Indian Perspective)
  • LAD Regression Application—Factors Affecting Household Expenditures of Working Elderly in Turkey
  • A Knowledge-Based Recommender Framework to Recommend Destination Country for Human Migrants (KBRF)—The Case of Ethiopia in Africa
  • Leader Competence Effectiveness
  • Challenges for Higher Education Graduates in the Post-Pandemic Labor Market
  • Managing the Remote Workforce in the New Normal
  • COVID-19 Pandemic—The Impact of the Elderly Workforce on Social Security-Related Rights
  • Baby Boomers and Their Influence in the Colombian Organizational and Entrepreneurial Context
  • Back to School—Mid-Life Adult Perspectives about Their Graduate Education
  • International Retirement Migration of European Baby Boomers—Retiring Knowledge Worker Perspectives and the Case of Turkey
  • The Human Resources Perspective on the Multigenerational Workforce
  • Compilation of References