Interview Questions in Business Analytics

  • 1h 18m
  • Bhasker Gupta
  • Apress
  • 2016

Discover relevant questions―and detailed answers―to help you prepare for job interviews and break into the field of analytics. This book contains more than 200 questions based on consultations with hiring managers and technical professionals already working in analytics. Interview Questions in Business Analytics: How to Ace Interviews and Get the Job You Want fills a gap in information on business analytics for job seekers.

Bhasker Gupta, the founder and editor of Analytics India Magazine, has come up with more than 200 questions job applicants are likely to face in an interview. Covering data preparation, statistics, analytics implementation, as well as other crucial topics favored by interviewers, this book:

  • Provides 200+ interview questions often asked by recruiters and hiring managers in global corporations
  • Offers short and to-the-point answers to the depth required, while looking at the problem from all angles
  • Provides a full range of interview questions for jobs ranging from junior analytics to senior data scientists and managers
  • Offers analytics professionals a quick reference on topics in analytics

Using a question-and-answer format from start to finish, Interview Questions in Business Analytics: How to Ace Interviews and Get the Job You Want will help you grasp concepts sooner and with deep clarity. The book therefore also serves as a primer on analytics and covers issues relating to business implementation. You will learn about not just the how and what of analytics, but also the why and when. This book will thus ensure that you are well prepared for interviews―putting your dream job well within reach.

Business analytics is currently one of the hottest and trendiest areas for technical professionals. With the rise of the profession, there is significant job growth. Even so, it’s not easy to get a job in the field, because you need knowledge of subjects such as statistics, databases, and IT services. Candidates must also possess keen business acumen. What's more, employers cast a cold critical eye on all applicants, making the task of getting a job even more difficult.

What You'll Learn

The 200 questions in this book cover such topics as:

  • The different types of data used in analytics
  • How analytics are put to use in different industries
  • The process of hypothesis testing
  • Predictive vs. descriptive analytics
  • Correlation, regression, segmentation and advanced statistics
  • Predictive modeling

Who This Book Is For

Those aspiring to jobs in business analytics, including recent graduates and technical professionals looking for a new or better job. Job interviewers will also find the book helpful in preparing interview questions.

About the Author

Bhasker Gupta is a seasoned analytics professional with around a decade's experience in providing analytics consulting to the financial and retail industry. He is the founder and editor of the hugely popular online analytics publication Analytics India Magazine. Considered a thought leader in the area of analytics, Bhasker has deep roots in the whole analytics ecosystem.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Data Understanding
  • Introduction to Basic Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Segmentation
  • Advanced Statistics and Usage
  • Classification Techniques and Analytics Tools


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