Introducing Azure Kubernetes Service: A Practical Guide to Container Orchestration

  • 2h 38m
  • Janaka Rangama, Ned Bellavance, Steve Buchanan
  • Apress
  • 2020

Go from zero to sixty deploying and running a Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure! This hands-on practical guide to Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), a managed container orchestration platform, arms you with the tools and knowledge you need to easily deploy and operate on this complex platform.

Take a journey inside Docker containers, container registries, Kubernetes architecture, Kubernetes components, and core Kubectl commands. Drawing on hard-earned experience in the field, the authors provide just enough theory to help you grasp important concepts, teaching the practical straightforward knowledge you need to start running your own AKS cluster. You will dive into topics related to the deployment and operation of AKS, including Rancher for management, security, networking, storage, monitoring, backup, scaling, identity, package management with HELM, and AKS in CI/CD.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop core knowledge of Docker containers, registries, and Kubernetes
  • Gain AKS skills for Microsoft’s fastest growing services in the cloud
  • Understand the pros and cons of deploying and operating AKS
  • Deploy and manage applications on the AKS platform
  • Use AKS within a DevOps CI/CD process

Who This Book Is For

IT professionals who work with DevOps, the cloud, Docker, networking, storage, Linux, or Windows. Experience with cloud, DevOps, Docker, or application development is helpful.

About the Authors

Steve Buchanan is an enterprise cloud architect and Midwest Containers Services Lead on the Cloud Transformation/DevOps team with Avanade, the Microsoft arm of Accenture. He is an eight-time Microsoft MVP, and the author of six technical books. He has presented at tech events, including Midwest Management Summit (MMS), Microsoft Ignite, BITCon, Experts Live Europe, OSCON, and user groups. He is active in the technical community and enjoys blogging about his adventures in the world of IT on his blog at

Janaka Rangama is a Microsoft Azure MVP and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He is originally from Sri Lanka, known as "the pearl of the indian Ocean," and now lives in Australia, known as "the land down under." Currently a Senior Principal Product Technologist at Dell EMC Azure Stack Product Engineering Team, he is one of the leading hybrid cloud experts in the APAC region. He is a well-known speaker at many international conferences and an expert in both Microsoft and OSS technologies. He co-leads the Melbourne Azure Nights user group and is one of the founding members of the Sri Lanka IT PRO Forum.

Ned Bellavance is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Founder of Ned in the Cloud LLC. As a one-man tech juggernaut, he develops video courses, runs the Day Two Cloud Podcast for Packet Pushers, and creates original content for technology vendors. He is passionate about learning new technologies and sharing that knowledge with others, whether that is through courses, speaking, blogging, or authoring books. He has presented at tech events, including Microsoft Ignite, Cloud Expo NYC, and the Midwest Management Summit (MMS). You can find his musings on the IT industry at his website at

In this Book

  • Inside Docker Containers
  • Container Registries
  • Inside Kubernetes
  • Kubectl Overview
  • Deploying Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Deploying and Using Rancher with Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Operating Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Helm Charts for Azure Kubernetes Service
  • CI/CD with Azure Kubernetes Service


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