Introducing Predictive Maintenance with SAP Predictive Asset Insights

  • 48m
  • Avijit Dhar
  • Rheinwerk Publishing Inc.
  • 2021

How soon will your equipment need repairs? You'll learn how to use SAP Predictive Asset Insights to monitor the health of your equipment in real time and schedule maintenance when it is truly needed. Start by diving into key master data elements and integration with SAP S/4HANA and IoT sensors. Then explore available predictive maintenance algorithms—such as distance, logistics regression, and more—and see how it comes together in a case study. Predictive maintenance is here!

  • Learn how machine learning facilitates predictive maintenance
  • Explore predictive models for distance, logistics regression, and more
  • Preview integration with your IoT devices and SAP S/4HANA

In this Book

  • Basics of Predictive Maintenance
  • Master Data
  • Integrating Enterprise Systems and IoT Devices
  • Using Predictive Models
  • Making Predictions
  • Analytics
  • Ahead for Predictive Maintenance
  • What's Next?