Introduction to Network Security: Theory and Practice

  • 8h 2m
  • Jie Wang, Zachary A. Kissel
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2015

Updated with recent advances in network security, Introduction to Network Security covers basic concepts and practical applications, providing students with a solid base on which to build critical thinking skills. It features useful sections on cloud and utility computing in addition to home and business network settings. Readers will first gain an overview of network security before progressing to security threats, key protocols and network perimeter defenses. The book finally concludes with cloud security and anti-malicious software, hot topics in both industry and academia.

  • Comprehensively covers fundamental concepts with newer topics such as electronic cash, bit-coin, P2P, SHA-3, E-voting, and Zigbee security
  • Fully updated to reflect new developments in network security
  • Introduces a chapter on Cloud security, a very popular and essential topic
  • Uses everyday examples that most computer users experience to illustrate important principles and mechanisms
  • Features a companion website with Powerpoint slides for lectures and solution manuals to selected exercise problems

Introduction to Network Security: Theory and Practice remains an essential textbook for upper level undergraduate and graduate students in computer science. IT professionals and agencies interested in the wider area of network security will find it a comprehensive reference text.

In this Book

  • Network Security Overview
  • Data Encryption Algorithms
  • Public-Key Cryptography and Key Management
  • Data Authentication
  • Network Security Protocols in Practice
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Intrusion Detections
  • The Art of Anti-Malicious Software
  • Further Readings


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