IoT for Beginners: Explore IoT Architecture, Working Principles, IoT Devices, and Various Real IoT Projects

  • 3h 53m
  • Vibha Soni
  • BPB Publications
  • 2021

This book, 'IoT for Beginners', covers all of the fundamental concepts necessary to comprehend IoT and its various aspects. It provides an in-depth understanding of the role of IoT in routine activities and at the business front.

The book introduces the fundamental concepts, characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of the IoT. The book covers all the related hardware, software, protocols, platforms, standards, and programming languages. The book provides a comprehensive explanation of various IoT devices and applications in multiple industries. It explains the security requirements, architecture, challenges, and standards associated with the IoT using various use-cases. The book also highlights opportunities, challenges, and evergreen IoT projects.

After reading this book, readers will understand IoT technology, its core building blocks, associated software, and platforms. The readers can put their newfound knowledge to use and make a good start with a career in IoT and edge devices.

What you will learn

  • Demonstrate the various characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of IoT.
  • Acquaint yourself with the architecture, components, and a variety of IoT devices.
  • Decrypt the operation of IoT devices and technologies.
  • Investigate future opportunities, challenges, and enduring IoT projects.
  • Acquaint yourself with the working protocols and security features of IoT.

About the Author

Vibha Soni is a Writer and Author. Writing is a passion for Vibha. She is an expert in academic and technical content writing. She is on the way to become a solo entrepreneur by serving others through writing. She is a freelancer and working with companies and individuals over 6 years.

'The Growth Hacking Book2: 100 Proven Hacks For Business And Startup Success In the New Decade" is the second book in which Vibha contributed. She is also a co-author of an academic book, "Computer Reboot" which is specially written for Grade 3. This book became part of the curriculum of Ajanta Public School, Gurugram. Technically, Vibha already published her first book in 2012 as a co-author.

Teaching is another passion for Vibha. Before coming into the writing industry, she worked as an Assistant Professor in college. She has a master's degree in 'Computer Science'. Currently, she is also doing online tutoring. She also shares her experiences and knowledge on LinkedIn through publishing posts.

Vibha's educational background is technical. She utilized her technical knowledge and teaching experience for writing five technical books as "Content Developer". She is leading a team of writers for providing writing services, including technical content writing, content writing and marketing, and creative writing. She is also open for writing whitepapers and case studies for your company.

In this Book

  • Errata
  • Basics of IoT
  • Characteristics and Benefits
  • Understanding IoT Workings
  • IoT Tools and Architectures
  • IoT Devices
  • IoT Applications
  • IoT and Business
  • IoT Today and Future
  • IoT and Security
  • IoT Projects