IoT System Testing: An IoT Journey from Devices to Analytics and the Edge

  • 6h 47m
  • Jon Duncan Hagar
  • Apress
  • 2022

To succeed, teams must assure the quality of IoT systems. The world of technology continually moves from one hot area to another; this book considers the next explosion—of IoT—from a quality testing viewpoint.

You'll first gain an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), V&V, and testing. Next, you'll be walked through IoT test planning and strategy over the full life cycle, including the impact of data analytics and AI. You will then delve deeper into IoT security testing and various test techniques, patterns, and more. This is followed by a detailed study of IoT software test labs, architecture, environments and AI.

There are many options for testing IoT qualities based on the criticality of the software and risks involved; each option has positives, negatives, as well as cost and schedule impacts. The book will guide start-up and experienced teams into these paths and help you to improve the testing and quality assessment of IoT systems.

You will:

  • Understand IoT software test architecture and planning
  • Master IoT security testing and test techniques
  • Study IoT test lab automation and architectures
  • Review the need for IoT security, data analytics, AI, Neural Networks and dependability using testing and V&V

About the Author

Jon Hagar is a senior tester with 40 years’ experience in software development and testing. He has supported software product design, integrity, integration, reliability, measurement, verification, validation, and testing on various projects and software domains (environments). He has an M.S. degree in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering and Testing from Colorado State University and a B.S. Degree in Math with specialization in Civil Engineering and Software from Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado. Jon has worked in business analysis, systems, and software engineering, specializing in testing, verification and validation. Projects he has supported include the domains of embedded, mobile devices, IoT, PC/IT systems, and test lab and tool development. Currently, Jon works as a consultant for Grand Software Testing, LLC. Jon has taught hundreds of classes and tutorials in software engineering, systems engineering, and testing throughout the industry and universities. He has published numerous articles on software reliability, testing, test tools, formal methods, mobile, and embedded systems. He is the author of the book Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices and contributor to books on Agile testing and test automation. Jon makes presentations regularly at industry working groups and conferences. Jon most recently has been working on: combinatorial testing, test automation, handheld-mobile devices, IoT security testing, and error taxonomies for IoT/embedded systems.

In this Book

  • The Internet of Things, V&V, and Testing
  • IoT Technology in Time and Space
  • Big Picture Lessons Learned in IoT Project Test Planning
  • Factors Driving IoT Testing/V&V Selection and Planning
  • Beginner Keys for Starting IoT Test Planning
  • IoT Test Plan—Strategy and Architecture Introductions
  • IoT Test Planning and Strategy for Hardware and Software
  • Planning for the IoT Tester on Environments and Testing Details
  • System Engineering Concepts in IoT Test Planning
  • IoT Test Design—Frameworks, Techniques, Attacks, Patterns, and Tours
  • Classic IoT V&V/Test Concepts, Techniques, and Practices
  • Test Approaches and Quality Assessments for IoT Agile/DevOps
  • IoT Software Security Test Attacks and Designs
  • Security OWASP IoT Information Pointer and Logging Events
  • Internal Security Team Penetration Test Process
  • IoT Test Environment Introduction
  • Architectures Critical to Project Success
  • Overview of IoT Software Architectures—Products and Testing Support
  • IoT STA System—Software Integration Lab (SIL) Environments
  • Tools for the Software System Integration Lab (SIL)
  • Environments for Independent Testing and IV&V on Large IoT Systems
  • Self-Organizing Data Analytics (SODA)—IoT Data Analytics, AI, and Statistics
  • IoT Supporting Interface, Hardware, Platform, and Protocol Standards
  • Careers in IoT Testing
  • IoT Testing Startup Checklist
  • Example of an IoT System of Systems