iPad for Seniors in easy steps, 11th edition

  • 2h 3m
  • Nick Vandome
  • In Easy Steps Limited
  • 2021

The iPad is a tablet computer that is stylish and versatile, and popular with all ages. iPad for Seniors in easy steps, 11th edition is updated to cover iPadOS 15. Written in larger type, it’ll help senior folks learn and enjoy the myriad of iPad features at ease:

  • Choose the right model for you; master Multitouch gestures; and customize the iPad for your needs.
  • Use your iPad to keep in touch with family and friends. Make video calls and send messages for free; take and share photos.
  • Shop and order food and more online; take a virtual tour of your favorite art galleries and museums; plan and book your trips.
  • Explore Focus, multitasking, App Library and other new and enhanced features in iPadOS 15, and make the most of your new device!

In this Book

  • Choosing Your iPad
  • Around Your iPad
  • iCloud
  • Keyboard and Apple Pencil
  • Knowing Your Apps
  • Keeping in Touch
  • On a Web Safari
  • Staying Organized
  • Leisure Time
  • Traveling Companion
  • Practical Matters