ISO19770-1:2012 SAM Process Guidance: A Kick-Start to Your SAM Programme

  • 49m
  • Rory Canavan
  • IT Governance
  • 2012

This pocket guide offers a concise summary of the principles of software asset management as conveyed by ISO 19770-1: 2012, and provides advice and guidance on how to kick-start your own SAM programme - something the Standard alone doesn't offer. Software asset management (SAM) has not always enjoyed the same level of attention as other more high-profile areas of IT management, such as information security, procurement and vendor relationship management. Its recent rise in status is primarily due to organisations seeking to address software vendor audits with information and data to counter what may appear (at least at face value) to be exorbitant demands for licence fees. However, regardless of where an organisation sits within the current economic climate, the management of software assets, and the cradle-to-the-grave costs involved in owning those assets, should never be ignored. Helping to address the aforementioned issues, ISO197701-1:2012 SAM Process Guidance: A kick-start to your SAM programme, is aimed at anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the concepts of software asset management and the resulting benefits it can bring to their business.

About the Author

With a technical background in business and systems analysis, Rory Canavan has a wide range of first-hand experience advising numerous companies and organisations on the best practices and principles pertaining to software asset management. This experience has been gained in both military and civil organisations, including the Royal Navy, Compaq, HP, the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) and several software vendors.

In this Book

  • ISO19770-1—2012 SAM Process Guidance—A Kick-Start to Your SAM Programme
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Why Software Asset Management?
  • The ISO19770-1:2012 Framework
  • The Kick-Start to Your SAM Programme
  • How to Write a Process
  • Conclusion


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