ISO22301: A Pocket Guide

  • 28m
  • Tony Drewitt
  • IT Governance
  • 2013

How would your organisation keep going in the event of a crisis? If you got hit by a disaster and lost the use of your IT systems, would you be able to continue operating? To minimise the impact of a disaster on your business, and to continue to provide essential services to your customers, you need to put in place a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

Without a proper risk assessment strategy, your company directors could even face prosecution if a major incident occurs and results in loss or injury.

An introduction to ISO22301

ISO22301: A Pocket Guide is designed to help you do what is necessary to satisfy the requirements of ISO22301, the latest international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM). With the expert advice contained in this guide, you can ensure your organisation develops a business continuity plan that is fit for purpose.

Learn how to build your Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

  • Plan and manage the BCMS project - If you are going to have a proper BCMS you will need to make business continuity a formal project. This book gives you valuable tips on how to draw up the BCM policy and establish the BCMS project, along with basic guidance on conducting a business impact analysis.
  • Secure your licence to operate
  • Organisations such as law firms now have to put in place a BCMS in order to obtain a licence to operate.
  • Retain your competitive edge
  • Organisations are beginning to seek formal assurance that their suppliers will be able to continue supplying them in the event of an interruptive incident. If you are a supplier having a BCMS that is certified to ISO22301 therefore represents a significant competitive advantage.
  • Satisfy corporate governance concerns
  • A well-run company will have a strong corporate governance framework. Business continuity planning is a basic requirement of corporate governance.

In this Book

  • ISO22301—A Pocket Guide
  • Introduction
  • Business Continuity—What’s That?
  • Before BCM
  • The Business Continuity Management System
  • ISO22301—BCMS—Requirements
  • Certification
  • Terminology
  • ITG Resources