IT Sustainability for Business Advantage

  • 2h 43m
  • Brian Moore
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2013

IT Sustainability for Business Advantage speaks to modern managers in all functions as well as to IT professionals. Implementing an effective IT sustainability strategy is essential for organizations pursuing sustainability as a means of business advantage and this book shows how to do it. The critical first step is getting clear about the ends of the IT sustainability program--the mission must be to further the company's sustainability objectives and strategic intents should include:

  1. Making IT operations as sustainable as possible;
  2. Partnering with other functions to leverage IT in making their business processes more sustainable and to grow the business; and
  3. Building a culture of sustainability within the IT organization. The next step is to implement strategies to achieve these ends and the book explores the ways and means of doing this.

These include industry best practices on how to apply the processes, techniques, and technologies related to Green IT and IT for Sustainability (ITfS). They also include techniques for change management and building social capital.

About the Author

Brian Moore is a sustainability strategist, enterprise architect, and lean six sigma expert at a Fortune 100 company where he leads an industry-recognized IT sustainability program. Since he co-created the program in 2008, it has generated more than $33 million in annual cost savings, reduced electrical power demand by over 3 megawatts, and addressed the full life cycle of IT equipment. With Brian s leadership, the program also built relationships between IT and other functions including supply chain, facilities, environmental health and safety, engineering, and communications; and leveraged the companies lean six sigma, cloud computing, and social networking initiatives. Brian has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.

In this Book

  • IT Sustainability Matters
  • Think Strategically and Organize Effectively
  • Operate IT Sustainably
  • Partner for Sustainability
  • Nurture a Culture of Sustainability
  • Maintain Forward Progress
  • Notes