Java 2 Enterprise Edition Bible

  • 16h 7m
  • Daniel H. Steinberg, Justin Couch
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2002

Java 2 Enterprise Edition defines the standard for distributed application development. This comprehensive tutorial and reference covers everything you need to know to develop and deploy a complete, stable, secure, and fast enterprise Java platform. From the fundamentals of Java technology to real-world examples of integrated, multi-tier applications, you'll explore all the possibilities that J2EE has to offer--and find out how to put them to work.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Java 2 Enterprise Edition

  • Get up to speed on every aspect of the J2EE specification
  • Build user interfaces that are more than just pretty Web pages
  • Deliver content with servlets, JSP, and JavaMail
  • Use JDBC to connect your applications with SQL databases
  • Work with directory services using JNDI and LDAP
  • Transform and bind XML documents
  • Tie Web services into large-scale enterprise applications

About the Authors

Justin Couch has been a professional Java programmer since early 1996; his travels have taken him through all realms of the Java world--from writing parts for the VRML specification (leading working groups and authoring the External Authoring Interface) to the IETF--working on the URN specifications. His main programming interests are virtual reality and the distributed systems required to run them.

Daniel H. Steinberg is the director of Java Offerings at Dim Sum Thinking. A trainer and consultant, he has been teaching and writing about Java since 1996. He's covered Java on the Macintosh for JavaWorld magazine and the O'Reilly Network's developerWorks Java Technology Zone and of the CodeMasters Challenge for JavaWorld magazine. He has been working with the Colleges and Universities to help their faculty and student keep up with the quickly changing technology.

In this Book

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition Bible
  • Defining the Enterprise
  • Introducing Enterprise Applications
  • Creating Dynamic Content with Servlets
  • Using JavaServer Pages
  • Sending and Receiving Mail with JavaMail
  • Interacting with Relational Databases
  • Using JDBC to Interact with SQL Databases
  • Working with Directory Services and LDAP
  • Accessing Directory Services with JNDI
  • Building an XML Foundation
  • Describing Documents with DTDs and Schemas
  • Parsing Documents with JAXP
  • Interacting with XML Using JDOM
  • Transforming and Binding Your XML Documents
  • Exploring the RMI Mechanism
  • Introducing Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Using Advanced EJB Techniques
  • Introducing CORBA
  • CORBA Applications in the Enterprise
  • Why Dream of Jini?
  • Implementing Web Services
  • JMS
  • Managing Transactions with JTA/JTS
  • System Architecture Issues
  • J2EE Design Patterns


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