Job Ready Python

  • 8h 48m
  • Haythem Balti, Kimberly A. Weiss
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

Get ready to take on Python with a practical and job-focused guide

Job Ready Python offers readers a straightforward and elegant approach to learning Python that emphasizes hands-on and employable skills you can apply to real-world environments immediately.

Based on the renowned mthree Global Academy and Software Guild training program, this book will get you up to speed in the basics of Python, loops and data structures, object-oriented programming, and data processing. You’ll also get:

  • Thorough discussions of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) scripting in Python
  • Explorations of databases, including MySQL, and MongoDB—all commonly used database platforms in the field
  • Simple, step-by-step approaches to dealing with dates and times, CSV files, and JSON files

Ideal for Python newbies looking to make a transition to an exciting new career, Job Ready Python also belongs on the bookshelves of Python developers hoping to brush up on the fundamentals with an authoritative and practical new handbook.

About the Author

HAYTHEM BALTI, PhD, is the associate dean at Wiley’s mthree academy. He has created courses used by thousands of Software Guild and mthree alumni to learn Go, Java, Python, and other development and data science skills.

KIMBERLY A. WEISS is a veteran course developer, specializing in Computer Science courses since 2002. She was an assistant professor in Computer Science for over ten years before deciding to focus exclusively on course design. She has worked with multiple universities as well as corporate training settings to develop interactive instructional content appropriate for the target learners and course goals.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Setting up a Python Programming Environment
  • Understanding Programming Basics
  • Exploring Basic Python Syntax
  • Working with Basic Python Data Types
  • Using Python Control Statements
  • Pulling it All Together—Income Tax Calculator
  • Controlling Program Flow with Loops
  • Understanding Basic Data Structures—Lists
  • Understanding Basic Data Structures—Tuples
  • Diving Deeper into Data Structures—Dictionaries
  • Diving Deeper into Data Structures—Sets
  • Pulling it All Together—Prompting for an Address
  • Organizing with Functions
  • Incorporating Object-Oriented Programming
  • Including Inheritance
  • Pulling it All Together—Building a Burger Shop
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • Processing Text Files
  • Processing CSV Files
  • Processing JSON Files
  • Using Lambdas
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Pulling it All Together—Word Analysis in Python
  • Extracting, Transforming, and Loading with ETL Scripting
  • Improving ETL Scripting


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