Jumpstart Tableau: A Step-By-Step Guide to Better Data Visualization

  • 1h 4m
  • Arshad Khan
  • Apress
  • 2016

This book simplifies the use of Tableau software functionality for novice users so that they can create powerful data visualizations easily and quickly. Since it is often very difficult and expensive to provide external training on BI tools, this book aims to equip the reader with the resource they need to do it themselves.

Jumpstart Tableau covers the basic reporting and analysis functions that most BI users perform in their day-to-day work. These include connecting to a data source, working with dimensions and measures, developing reports and charts, saving workbooks, filtering, swapping, sorting, formatting, grouping, creating hierarchies, forecasting, exporting, distributing, as well developing various chart types.

Each exercise in Jumpstart Tableau provides screenshots that cover every step from start to finish. The exercises are based on a comprehensive sample Excel-based data source that Tableau Software (version 9) has provided, which makes it very easy to duplicate the exercises on the real software.

In addition, the book:

  • Enables readers to develop reports, queries and visualizations
  • Perform data analysis
  • Execute each function in a step-by-step manner
  • Provides the basic hands-on ability which can enable users to work up to more advanced and complex Tableau functionality
  • Shows how to integrate individual development of content, such as tables/charts and visualizations., onto a dashboard for an effective presentation

What You'll Learn

  • How to connect to data sources
  • How to develop reports
  • How to develop visualizations
  • How to perform analysis functions (e.g., filtering, drilldown, sorting, grouping, forecasting, etc.)
  • How to save visualizations in different formats and distribute them
  • How to develop dashboards and their content

Who this book is for

Novice Tableau users, BI end users, as well as developers and business analysts. Also, students in university courses on dashboards and data visualization as well as BI and data analysis can quickly get up to speed with Tableau tools and use them for implementing the hands-on projects associated with these courses.

About the Author

Arshad Khan is a versatile IT business intelligence and SAP software professional with over 30 years of experience. He has extensive consulting experience in business intelligence/analytics and SAP. He has consulted for such leading companies as Accenture, PWC, Deloitte Consulting, Pacific Gas & Electric, Bose Corporation, Daimler Chrysler, Home Depot, Genentech, Chevron, Textron, PepsiCo, Polycom, Unisys, and Hitachi-America. Since June 2014, Mr. Khan has been consulting for the US Navy as the Business Intelligence Architect. At Juniper Networks (a $4 billion dollar company), he led the Tableau-based analytics development team.

Mr. Khan, who has 15 books to his credit, on diverse subjects, previously authored five books on BI/data warehousing. He has also taught at seven universities, including the University of California (Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and San Diego), where he developed the first data warehouse course in 1995. Mr. Khan has a graduate degree in engineering as well as an MBA.

In this Book

  • Jumpstart Tableau—A Step-By-Step Guide to Better Data Visualization
  • Introduction
  • Log on to Tableau
  • Connecting to Two Data Sources
  • Exploring the Tableau Interface
  • Developing a Simple Visualization
  • Saving Tableau Workbook and Tableau Packaged Workbook
  • Using Basic Analysis Functions
  • Adding, Removing, and Renaming a Dimension
  • Copying or Deleting a Worksheet
  • Changing the Display from One Chart Type to Another
  • Using the Show Me Tool for Selecting a Visualization
  • Crosstab Display and Swapping
  • Sorting
  • More About Sorting
  • View Details/Underlying Data
  • Grouping
  • Building a Hierarchy
  • Aggregate Measures
  • Exclude and Keep
  • Filtering on the Filter Shelf
  • Quick Filters
  • Customization for Quick Filters
  • Quick Filters Single and Multiple Value Lists
  • Quick Filter Sliders
  • Dependency in Quick Filters
  • Saving in PDF Format
  • Exporting an Image to PowerPoint
  • Exporting Data
  • Displaying Underlying Data
  • Exporting Crosstab Data
  • Formatting
  • Highlighting with Colors
  • Axis Formatting
  • Formatting Tables
  • Top N Function
  • Trend Lines
  • Forecasting
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Quick Filters
  • Cascading Worksheet Changes in a Dashboard
  • Working with Dashboard Content



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