Lead Like an Entrepreneur

  • 4h 35m
  • Neal Thornberry
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2006

Featuring in-depth profiles and success stories from some of today’s top companies, including IBM, 3M, Intel, General Electric, and many others, Lead Like an Entrepreneur reveals how to foster innovation at all levels of the corporation and how to employ entrepreneurial leadership qualities to turn ideas into economic value.

Lead Like An Entrepreneur reveals how to harness the creativity and innovative thinking that is typical of entrepreneurs and use it as a solution to the organizational sluggishness that affects so many established companies. Author Neal Thornberry, faculty director at Babson College--renowned for its entrepreneurial education program--explains how to become an entrepreneurial leader, as well as how to identify, attract, and support this new class of corporate leader. Fostering this type of risk-taking leadership creates substantial benefits because it takes only a few such people within an organization to make significant differences to the top and bottom lines.

Promote the entrepreneurial spirit in your organization by:

  • Integrating leadership and management within an entrepreneurial framework
  • Identifying new business opportunities with high growth potential
  • Focusing human energy on value-creating activities
  • Identifying and developing the four types of entrepreneurial leaders--explorers, miners, accelerators, and integrators
  • Attracting and supporting entrepreneurial leaders through focused management development programs

Featuring in-depth profiles and success stories from some of today’s top companies, including IBM, Siemens, 3M, IDG, Sodexho, P&G, Intel, General Electric, and many others, this essential guide will help you overcome bureaucratic impediments and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, putting your business on a direct path of growth, renewed energy, and spectacular success.

About the Author

Neal Thornberry, Ph.D., is faculty director at Babson college’s School of executive Education. Babson’s MBA program has been ranked #1 for entrepreneurial education in the U.S. for the last 11 years by U.S. News & World Report. Babson’s Executive Education division is ranked as one of the top Executive Education providers worldwide by Financial Times.

Professor Thornberry also has served as an educator and consultant for Estée Lauder, Siemens, SmithKline-Beecham, The Home Depot, DaimlerChrysler, SAP, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, Sodexho, France Telecom, ADP, and many other corporations. He is President and founder of Impact Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in organizational change, strategy implementation, and the development of entrepreneurial leaders within a corporate environment.

In this Book

  • Lead Like an Entrepreneur
  • Introduction
  • In Search of Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • What They Forgot to Remember
  • Breaking the Entrepreneurship Code
  • Guiding the Entrepreneurial Laser
  • Explorers—Market-Focused Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Miners—Operationally-Focused Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Accelerators—Unit-Focused Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Integrators—Enterprise-Focused Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Buy or Build?
  • The Problem with Cultural Change
  • Building the Entrepreneurial Organization
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Notes