Lead with Wisdom: How Wisdom Transforms Good Leaders into Great Leaders

  • 5h 38m
  • Mark Strom
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2014

This book argues that great leadership requires wisdom. Rather than a formulaic managerial approach to leadership, Lead with Wisdom presents the case for leadership based on our shared humanity and the stories that unite us. What emerges is a model of leadership based on learning to read key patterns of human experience: the way language shapes our reality, how we form new meaning through conversation, how relationships determine influence and how we deal with uncertainty.

It presents readers with the tools and illustrated examples to implement the four arts of leading wisely: how to draw out and create a new story in the organization, how to find and leverage the brilliance of people, how to speak with promise to restore meaning and hope, and how to show grace in dealing with the most demanding people and circumstances.

  • Offers a leadership approach rooted in our shared humanity and the stories which unite and define us
  • Ideal for corporate leaders, middle managers, administrators, and anyone else with management responsibilities
  • Written by a popular speaker on leadership and the author of Arts of the Wise Leader, with personal CEO experience and a PhD in the history of ideas
  • Structured as one key idea per page or double page spread with funky line drawings supporting the concepts and skills

For anyone who wants to lead with wisdom, integrity, and humanity, Lead with Wisdom offers a welcome alternative to traditionally robotic and formulaic leadership strategies.

About the Author

Mark Strom, PhD, has delivered keynote addresses, seminars and retreats for thousands of leaders around the world. He consults to corporations globally on issues where leadership intersects with strategy, innovation, and engagement.

In this Book

  • Wisdom
  • Leadership
  • Naming
  • Conversation
  • Influence
  • Character
  • Story
  • Brilliance
  • Promise
  • Grace
  • Leader's Journey
  • Leading One
  • Leading Many
  • Conclusion
  • Endnotes


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