Leadership Assessment for Talent Development

  • 4h 31m
  • John Knights (eds), Tony Wall
  • Kogan Page
  • 2013

For professionals in the business of talent development, assessing competence and capability is crucial, especially in relation to recruiting the right leaders.

Talent professionals can now use leadership assessments as a positive and powerful talent development tool, enabling them to hone development efforts and budgets to maximize return on investment. Going beyond the recruitment process where assessments are used primarily to "select," Leadership Assessment for Talent Development considers assessment as a tool within leadership development; a connected process that enables behavioral change in identified talent development areas.

Comprised of contributions from business leaders who have become experts in leadership development, and academics in work-based learning, the book offers practical ways to use leadership assessments to enhance talent, rather than stifle it. Engaging and accessible for HR and coaching professionals, it goes beyond emotional intelligence towards transpersonal leadership, and is drawn from the extensive experience and research of practitioners in the field of leadership talent development.

About the Editors

Tony Wall is a senior professor and international consultant at the University of Chester's Centre for Work Related Studies. He facilitates leadership development through coaching, action learning and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

John Knights is a co-founder and chairman of LeaderShape, a leadership and organization development consulting firm. He is an experienced coach, mentor and facilitator of senior executives, teams and peer groups. An expert in Emotional Intelligence and Transpersonal Leadership, he has also developed LEIPA and 8ICOL, some of the most sophisticated 360 degree leadership assessments.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Twenty-First Century Needs Transpersonal Leaders with Emotional Intelligence
  • Recurring Leadership Development Needs: Findings from Research
  • Blind Spots and Hidden Strengths: Findings from Research
  • Transpersonal Leadership Journeys and Assessment (LEIPA® and 8ICOL®)
  • Feeding (Back and) Forwards for Talent Development
  • Coaching for Talent Development
  • Workplace Projects for Talent Development
  • Director Peer Groups for Team Talent Development
  • Storytelling for Talent Development
  • Improving Results Through Measuring 'Return On Investment'