Leadership Genius: 40 Insights from the Science of Leading

  • 3h 17m
  • Rus Slater
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2015

The fast-track MBA in leadership

Imagine having instant access to the world's smartest thinking on leadership - and being shown exactly what to do to guarantee that you become a better leader yourself.

Leadership Genius makes it easy to apply what researchers know about brilliant leadership to the real world. 40 individual chapters focus on one or more scientific studies into a topic that you, as a leader, need to be aware of. Each of the chapters is a mini-masterclass in leading, explaining the research and showing you how to apply it in your leadership role.

In business, conventional wisdom often says one thing while research says another. Leadership Genius cuts through the noise to bring you proven research and techniques for applying it that will simply make you a better leader.

Quick to read and intensely practical, this book will bring a little leadership genius into your day.

In this Book

  • Spreadsheets Alone do not a Judgement Make
  • Do you Really Know What Motivates your People?
  • It Ain't What you Say, It's the Way that you Say it
  • I Read it, But what the Heck Did it Mean?
  • 'Workers' Play Time' – Is it Really Worth it?
  • As a Leader, it is a Matter of Priorities
  • 'An Employee's Workspace is his Castle… or Should Be!'
  • 'What's "Luck" Got to do With it?'
  • Rule No. 1: Never Volunteer for Anything. Not!
  • The Five-Step Ladder to Increased Success
  • To Follow Me they Have to be Able to See Me, Right?
  • It Takes all Sorts to Make a World
  • To Be (Here) or not to be (Here), That is the Question
  • Leadership is not About Brain Surgery you Know
  • Successful Change Begins With 'Good' Communication
  • Getting Engaged Means Committing and Staying the Course
  • Spartan or 'House and Garden'?
  • Leadership and Leaders; Let's Get Complex
  • The Customer is Always Right… Wrong!
  • It Sounds Scientific and Objective, But is it Science?
  • Management and Leadership… A Hot Topic! but for Whom?
  • Look After the Victims but Look After the Survivors First
  • We're Working Nine to Five – It's No Way to Make a Living
  • You Don't Have to Love the Quitters but at Least Listen to them
  • Is Teamwork Always the Answer?
  • Learning; It's a Generational Thing
  • A 'Training Course' is not the Silver Bullet for Getting People to Learn (In Fact it is Barely a Blank Cartridge)
  • What Happens When you (or Someone You Manage) Make Decisions Under Pressure?
  • Is Getting Engaged Really Worth the Effort?
  • Managing the Millennials… Some New Challenges
  • Meetings (n); Events Where People Get Together (Eventually) and Waste a Lot More Time than they Need To
  • Rowe, Rowe, Rowe your Boat!
  • Find Out What your Followers Think About you, and Talk to them About it!
  • Talent Management – Have you Got your EVP Right?
  • 'Trust Me, I'm a Manager'
  • Stop Paying Attention to the Powerpoint® Default Settings!
  • 'Science, Schmience'… Take it With a Pinch of Salt
  • Learning from Successful Change
  • Trust in your Virtual Team
  • You can not be Serious!