Leading Teams in a Week: Team Leadership in Seven Simple Steps

  • 1h 30m
  • Nigel Cumberland
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2015

Leading a team just got easier

We live in a world of teams made up of all kinds of people. We see this every day on TV, in newspapers and on the web - it might news about a winning sports team, a company's leadership team who have succeeded in buying another company or it might be a about a group of homeowners who have won a battle against a big developer.

This book is aimed at helping all of us no matter what kinds of teams we might need to lead - it might be a group of people running a country, playing a sport for university, organizing a Church fete, leading a start-up company, or managing a global multinational group. All such teams have leaders, who are those individuals given the task of ensuring that their team works well together to achieve whatever goals and objectives are required. Very few if any of us will spend our entire lives without at some point leading other people even if only for a short time and in many cases we often lead others without having a formal leadership title.

In this Book

  • Sunday—Getting Started With your Team
  • Monday—Alignment and Goal-Setting for your Team
  • Tuesday—Delegating and Managing the Work Within your Team
  • Wednesday—Optimal Communication Within your Team
  • Thursday—Motivating Poor Performers in your Team
  • Friday—Inspiring High Performers in your Team
  • Saturday—Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Excellence


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