Lean QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Lean, Second Edition

  • 1h 49m
  • Benjamin Sweeney
  • ClydeBank Media LLC
  • 2016

Are you struggling to combat waste within your organization?

Lean is the answer.

Now even easier and more helpful than before!

You've heard the terms, and you've read rave reviews about the results. Lean is here to stay and it is changing the way businesses thrill their customers and create lasting competitive edge. This best-selling guide to Lean methodology provides you with the foundational tools you need to understand Lean thinking and harness the power of the exact methods that have been creating unmatched levels of efficiency and success for modern manufacturers. Yesterday, it was enough to have heard about Lean. Today, everyone from the very front lines all the way up to the boardroom must be on the absolute cutting edge of business improvement.

This QuickStart Guide is a valuable tool for both beginners and experts.

Written with comprehension and ease of learning in mind, the Lean QuickStart Guide is as valuable and actionable as it gets. Business author Benjamin Sweeney leaves the jargon and the confusing industry language at the door for a concise self-paced learning journey that is at home on the factory floor or in the college classroom. Complex Lean concepts are broken down into bite-sized chunks and enhanced with extensive charts, graphs, and instructive illustrations to aid and accelerate the learning process.

This is Lean like never before: simplified, actionable, and valuable for your organization.

You’ll Learn...

  • The story behind Foundational Lean Terminology
  • The six components of Lean Philosophy
  • The “pull production” philosophy of Lean production
  • The Importance of Value Stream Mapping
  • Tools for Effective Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen, Takt Time, Poke Yoke, SMED, Production Leveling and More!

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In this Book

  • Six Components of Lean Philosophy
  • Lean Production
  • The Lean Toolkit
  • Implementation Considerations