Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches

  • 3h 50m
  • David Clinton
  • Manning Publications
  • 2017


Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches guides you through the process of building a robust and secure web application using the core AWS services you really need to know. You'll be amazed by how much you can accomplish with AWS!

About the Technology

Cloud computing has transformed the way we build and deliver software. With the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, you can trade expensive glass room hardware and custom infrastructure for virtual servers and easy-to-configure storage, security, and networking services. Better, because you don't own the hardware, you only pay for the computing power you need! Just learn a few key ideas and techniques and you can have applications up and running in AWS in minutes.

About the Book

Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches gets you started with AWS fast. In just 21 bite-size lessons, you'll learn the concepts and practical techniques you need to deploy and manage applications. You'll learn by doing real-world labs that guide you from the core AWS tool set through setting up security and storage and planning for growth. You'll even deploy a public-facing application that's highly available, scalable, and load balanced.

What's Inside

  • First steps with AWS - no experience required
  • Deploy web apps using EC2, RDS, S3, and Route 53
  • Cheap and fast system backups
  • Setting up cloud automation

About the Reader

If you know your way around Windows or Linux and have a basic idea of how web applications work, you're ready to start using AWS.

About the Author

David Clinton is a system administrator, teacher, and writer. He has administered, written about, and created training materials for many important technology subjects including Linux systems, cloud computing (AWS in particular), and container technologies like Docker. Many of his video training courses can be found on Pluralsight.com, and links to his other books (on Linux administration and server virtualization) can be found at https://bootstrap-it.com.

In this Book

  • About This Book
  • Before You Begin
  • The 10-Minute EC2 Web Server
  • Provisioning a More Robust EC2 Website
  • Databases on AWS
  • DNS—What's in a Name?
  • S3—Cheap, Fast File Storage
  • S3—Cheap, Fast System Backups
  • AWS Security—Working with IAM Users, Groups, and Roles
  • Managing Growth
  • Pushing Back against the Chaos—Using Resource Tags
  • CloudWatch—Monitoring AWS Resources for Fun and Profit
  • Another Way to Play—The Command-Line Interface
  • Keeping Ahead of User Demand
  • High Availability—Working with AWS Networking Tools
  • High Availability—Load Balancing
  • High Availability—Auto Scaling
  • High Availability—Content-Delivery Networks
  • Building Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Cloud Automation—Working with Elastic Beanstalk, Docker, and Lambda
  • Everything Else (Nearly)
  • Never the End


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