Learn Android Studio 3 with Kotlin: Efficient Android App Development

  • 5h 2m
  • Ted Hagos
  • Apress
  • 2018

Build Android apps using the popular and efficient Android Studio 3 suite of tools, an integrated development environment (IDE) with which Android developers can now use the Kotlin programming language. With this book, you’ll learn the latest and most productive tools in the Android tools ecosystem, ensuring quick Android app development and minimal effort on your part. Along the way, you’ll use Android Studio to develop apps tier by tier through practical examples. These examples cover core Android topics such as Activities, Intents, BroadcastReceivers, Services and AsyncTask. Then, you’ll learn how to publish your apps and sell them online and in the Google Play store.

What You’ll Learn

  • Use Android Studio 3 to quickly and confidently build your first Android apps
  • Build an Android user interface using activities and layouts, event handling, images, menus and the action bar
  • Incorporate new elements including fragments
  • Learn how data is persisted
  • Use Kotlin to build apps

Who This Book Is For

Those who may be new to Android Studio 3 or Android Studio in general. You may or may not be new to Android development in general. Some prior experience with Java is also recommended.

About the Author

Ted Hagos is the CTO and Data Protection Officer of RenditionDigital International, a software development company based out of Dublin. Before he joined RDI, he had various software development roles and also spent time as trainer at IBM Advanced Career Education, Ateneo ITI, and Asia Pacific College. He spent many years in software development dating back to Turbo C, Clipper, dBase IV, and Visual Basic. Eventually, he found Java and spent many years there. Nowadays, he’s busy with full-stack JavaScript and Android.

In this Book

  • Getting into Kotlin
  • Kotlin Basics
  • Functions
  • Working with Types
  • Lambdas and Higher Order Functions
  • Collections and Arrays
  • Generics
  • Android Studio Introduction and Setup
  • Getting Started
  • Activities and Layouts
  • Event Handling
  • Intents
  • Themes and Menus
  • Fragments
  • Running in the Background
  • Debugging
  • SharedPreferences
  • Internal Storage
  • BroadcastReceivers
  • App Distribution