Learn Penetration Testing with Python 3.x

  • 4h 5m
  • Yehia Elghaly
  • BPB Publications
  • 2021

This book starts with an understanding of penetration testing and red teaming methodologies and teaches Python 3.x from scratch for those who are not familiar with programming. The book gives the skills of how to create scripts for cracking, and brute force attacks.

The second part of this book focuses on the network and wireless level. The book teaches you the skills of how to create an offensive tool using Python 3.x to identify different services and ports using different Python network modules and conducting network attacks. In the network monitoring section, you will be able to monitor layers 3 and 4. And finally, you will be able to conduct different attacks on wireless.

The last part of this book focuses on web applications and exploitation developments. It focuses on how to create scripts to extract web information such as links, images, documents, etc. It also focuses on how to create scripts to identify and exploit web vulnerabilities and how to bypass WAF. The last chapter of this book focuses on exploitation development starting with how to play with the stack and then moving on to how to use Python in fuzzing and creating exploitation scripts.

What you will learn

  • ● Learn to code Python scripts from scratch to identify web vulnerabilities.
  • ● Conduct network attacks, create offensive tools, and identify vulnerable services and ports.
  • ● Perform deep monitoring of network up to layers 3 and 4.
  • ● Execute web scraping scripts to extract images, documents, and links.

In this Book

  • Start with Penetration Testing and Basic Python
  • Cracking with Python
  • Service and Applications Brute Forcing with Python
  • Python Services Identifications - Ports and Banner
  • Python Network Modules and Nmap
  • Network Monitoring with Python
  • Attacking Wireless with Python
  • Analyze Web Applications with Python
  • Attack Web Application with Python
  • Exploitation Development with Python