Learn to Code with Scratch: Let Your Kids' Creative Ideas Come to Life by Coding Them into Programs

  • 34m
  • Muskan Arora
  • BPB Publications
  • 2022

'Learn to Code with Scratch' prepares your child to begin building cool apps, games, animated stories, quizzes, and a variety of other enjoyable applications. This book teaches your child what a programme is and how it works using Scratch, a comprehensive visual programming language.

This book teaches your child how to connect various code blocks and establish the program's logic by using seven distinct games and applications, including a haunted party, a talking robot, a mystical story, and a humorous quiz game. You will learn how to write and create a programme in Scratch and how to run your programme and save and share it with your loved ones.

**Special treats for kids:**

  • Tens of games, stories, and animations are created from the start.
  • A comprehensive course covering all of the interesting features included in Scratch 3.0 programming.
  • Instructions in vibrant colors and a simple navigation system guides you through the fundamentals of coding.

What you will learn

  • Encourages your juniors to think logically and develop their mathematics abilities.
  • Breaking down big problems into simpler ones, teaching your child to be a problem solver.
  • Develops coding skills by creating games and apps that your children enjoy.
  • Translate your children's imagination to reality by coding their ideas into programmes.

About the Author

Muskan Arorais an educationist and a tutor with 10 years of coding experience. She is also an owner of a YouTube channel “Eduplan By Muskan Arora”.

In this Book

  • What is Coding and How to Code
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Talking Robot
  • Flying Cat
  • Haunted Birthday Party
  • Colorful City
  • Quiz Game
  • Magic Story
  • Our Solar System