Letting People Go: The People-Centered Approach to Firing and Laying Off Employees

  • 3h 5m
  • Matt Shlosberg
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2010

Whether they do so willingly or not, employees get terminated all the time. It's simply a fact of business. But poorly executed terminations may result in challenges ranging from short term annoyances to complete brand destruction. Terminations must be done right! This book covers why terminating employees correctly is important and provides a framework for doing so. It covers both firings and layoffs. This book reviews terminations from the organizational perspective, not from the legal perspective. The target audience is human resource managers as well as managers that direct people. Readers will benefit by learning how to avoid costly mistakes when terminating people and how to use properly executed terminations to their advantage.

About the Author

Matt Shlosberg is one of the most sought-after management consultants. He has assisted dozens of multinational corporations and governments with solving complex management problems, resulting in a multibillion-dollar impact.

Matt currently serves as the managing director of Hanna Concern, a management consulting firm specializing in general management, strategy, leadership, organizational behavior, innovation management, marketing, and globalization.

In addition to consulting, Matt teaches leadership, general management, and innovation management in corporate universities.

Matt has received his MBA from the University of Maryland at College Park (Robert H. Smith School of Business) and has completed graduate- and executive-level training in leadership and executive management at Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, and INSEAD Business School.

In this Book

  • Letting People Go—The People-Centered Approach to Firing and Laying Off Employees
  • Preface
  • The Firing Squad
  • Firing
  • Laying Off
  • More Food for Thought
  • Conclusion
  • Notes