Linear Programming for Project Management Professionals: Explore Concepts, Techniques, and Tools to Achieve Project Management Objectives

  • 2h 33m
  • Partha Majumdar
  • BPB Publications
  • 2021

This book assists project management professionals in resolving project crashing situations through linear programming. It demonstrates how the PM team can help streamline the project's on-time completion and cost optimization.

The book begins with understanding project management processes and frameworks such as WBS, PDM, and EVM. The book helps build familiarity with the PM team's procedures to monitor a project. It helps investigate linear programming problems (LPPs) and the mathematical foundations for their formulation. It covers various approaches to solving the LPP, including graphical methods, their limitations, and the necessity of tools such as MS Excel's Solver. It also covers how the PM team can solve LPP with the help of Solver.

This book covers various business and technical scenarios for crashing a project. It teaches how to formulate the problem of optimizing a project for time and cost using LPP. This book then discusses how LPP can be solved using Solver and more complex issues. It also explores the relationship between earned value management and crashing a project.

About the Author

Partha Majumdar is “Just a Programmer”. He has been involved in creating Enterprise-Class Computer Software for various Ministries and Government Bodies in 9 countries and more than 20 enterprises. He has been involved in the creation of more than 10 large products and more than 70 projects around the globe. He has been working in the computer software industry for 32 years as of 2021. He has been managing projects since 1995. He has worked on projects with people from more than 60 nationalities. Presently, he is the Vice President of Software Engineering with a large multi-national bank.

In this Book

  • Errata
  • Project Scheduling
  • Earned Value Method
  • Linear Programing Problems
  • Crashing a Project
  • Using LPP to Crash a Project
  • More Complex Problems
  • Linking EVM and LPP
  • Annexure 1
  • Annexure 2