Linux For Dummies, 9th Edition

  • 5h 50m
  • Richard Blum
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2009

One of the fastest ways to learn Linux is with this perennial favorite

Eight previous top-selling editions of Linux For Dummies can't be wrong. If you've been wanting to migrate to Linux, this book is the best way to get there. Written in easy-to-follow, everyday terms, Linux For Dummies 9th Edition gets you started by concentrating on two distributions of Linux that beginners love: the Ubuntu LiveCD distribution and the gOS Linux distribution, which comes pre-installed on Everex computers. The book also covers the full Fedora distribution.

  • Linux is an open-source operating system and a low-cost or free alternative to Microsoft Windows; of numerous distributions of Linux, this book covers Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Core Linux, and gOS Linux
  • Install new open source software via Synaptic or RPM package managers
  • Use free software to browse the Web, listen to music, read e-mail, edit photos, and even run Windows in a virtualized environment
  • Get acquainted with the Linux command line

If you want to get a solid foundation in Linux, this popular, accessible book is for you.

About the Author

Richard Blum has been both a systems and network administrator over the past 20 years. He has administered UNIX, Linux, Novell, and Microsoft servers, and has helped design and maintain a 3,500-user network. Richard is an expert in working with and programming Linux.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Getting Acquainted with Linux
  • Prepping Your Computer for Linux
  • Installing Linux
  • Examining the GNOME Desktop
  • Examining the KDE Desktop
  • Getting to Know the Linux Filesystem
  • Using the Filesystem
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Using the Internet
  • E-Mailing the World
  • Putting the X in Text
  • Word Processing and More with
  • Messing with Audio
  • Messing with Video and Graphics
  • Playing with Google Gadgets
  • Adding Software to Linux
  • Working without the GUI
  • Basic System Administration
  • A Secure Linux Box is a Happy Linux Box
  • The Virtual World
  • Ten Steps to Setting up a Samba Server
  • Ten Troubleshooting Tips