Listening Until You Really Hear

  • 22m
  • Dianna Booher
  • Booher Consultants, Inc.
  • 2012

Listening effectively keeps you informed, up to date, and out of trouble. It can mean the difference between passing or failing a test, making or losing a sale, getting or losing a job, motivating or discouraging a team, mending or destroying a relationship.

Listening Until You Really Hear provides 38 powerful tips to help you hone your listening skills. Master these techniques and you’ll not only increase your impact when you do speak, you’ll also have a negotiating edge, power, and influence.

About the Author

Dianna Booher, MA, CSP, CPAE, works with organizations to increase their productivity and effectiveness through better oral, written, interpersonal, and organizational communication.

Founder and CEO of Booher Consultants, Inc., she is also a prolific author of 46 books, published in 23 languages. She has published with Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, Warner, Random House, McGraw-Hill, Thomas Nelson, and Berrett-Koehler. Her most popular titles include: Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader, Communicate with Confidence: How to Say it Right the First Time and Every Time (Revised and Expanded Edition 2011), The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know, Booher’s Rules of Business Grammar: 101 Fast and Easy Ways to Correct the Most Common Errors, Speak with Confidence: Powerful Presentations That Inform, Inspire, and Persuade, E-Writing: 21st-Century Tools for Effective Communication, From Contact to Contract: 496 Proven Sales Tips to Generate More Leads, Close More Deals, Exceed Your Goals, and Make More Money, and Your Signature Work: Creating Excellence and Influencing Others at Work.

Good Morning America, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily,, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, New York Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, Success, Entrepreneur, NPR, CNBC, Fox Family Network, and Bloomberg have interviewed Dianna for her opinions on critical workplace communication. Successful Meetings magazine has named her to its list of “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century,” and she has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame®. Executive Excellence has named her to its list of “100 Top Thought Leaders in America.”

In this Book

  • Listening Until You Really Hear—Tips to Elevate Your Listening Skills
  • Listening Until You Really Hear


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